Monday, June 7, 2010

A View of Boating Holidays Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The waters of Victoria and Vancouver Island combined with the Archipelago of the Gulf Islands provide boaters and sailors with some of the most beautiful cruising grounds available. The West Coast is rugged but soothes your soul as the wind and waves challenge you. Boating holidays Victoria will excite you and soothe you.

Boating holidays Victoria has boating and sailing that is a great way to visit Vancouver Island. Whether you are bare boating it or taking a cruise there are many boat charter options to match your interests, needs, and probably your budget. You can be certain of a unique experience.

There are a number of options available in boating holidays Victoria. You can spend time on a luxury craft, tour historic harbors, and/or explore uninhabited islands. Whether you view marine life or go fishing; you can race against other sailors or you can sail off into the sunset on a relaxing and romantic dinner cruise. There are many marine parks and marinas that provide safe moorings and facilities for boats.

Types of trips that are available in boating holidays Victoria include Boat charters that tour the harbors or the Gorge by ferry. These tours run approximately forty-five minutes for the tours of the harbor and fifty minutes for the tour of the Gorge. Sailing trips run for three hours; you can cruise into Juan De Fuca Strait. There is the viewing of wild life and the option of helping to steer the ship or simply relax. Eco tours are available as well as whale watching, fishing and birding (bird watching). The waters are famous for killer whales, sea lions, and bald eagles.

Boating holidays Victoria also offer a cruise of Oak Bay and the Gulf Islands. Close up photography of wildlife, marine birds, mammals, and seals. After all this you can go ashore to explore beaches and uninhabited islands or check out crab traps or fish. As you can see, boating holidays Victoria will provide you with a wide variety of options for your boating or sailing trip.

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