Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sailing Safety Harness

There are a number of varieties of a sailing safety harness. We will take a look at three of them specifically. SOSpenders World Class Automatic Inflatable PFD (personal floatation device) with harness. This one is made with high strength nylon cover that is durable and soft to the touch. It is packed in a zippered and reusable vinyl bag with ventilated mesh backing. Now let us take a look at another sailing safety harness.

A second sailing safety harness is the SOSpenders World Class Manual Inflatable PFD with a harness. This is a water activated floatation with CO2 that is automatically activated with a rip cord and an oral tube back ups. The off-neck fit will not restrict movement and will keep you keep cool in summer. There is a belt in the harness for extra security when the tether is used.

Inflation mechanisms on the sailing safety harness inflates to over thirty-five pounds of buoyancy in five seconds. It has two times the buoyancy of foam vests and are capable of turning most people from a face down position to a face up breathing position. Reflective tape on the cover and has an attached safety whistle.

With the sailing safety harness there are also tethers made of very strong tightly woven nylon that is attached to the belt of the harness and then to a stationery object on the boat to prevent someone from slipping and going overboard and for very young children to prevent them from wandering and getting into trouble or falling overboard. They do of course, come in sizes for both adults and children. There are some style choices and there is a price range available. The features of both harnesses mentioned here are comfort and security and the fact they are USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved and meets ORC requirements.

Be sure you get a sailing safety harness that properly fits to ensure a better measure of protection. If it is too big the person can slip out of the harness or vest. There are choices so be sure you have what you want and that it fits. They can be found online, in boating stores, and sometimes in retail stores.

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