Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Read All About It! Boating publications California

Search for a boating magazine is one thing but finding specific boating publications California can be more of a challenge. We have found some directly related to the west; Boating publications California. . You can find these magazines or publications on the Internet, in specialty stores, and probably most bookstores.

America�s Finest Events/Yacht Charters, El Cajon, CA is one of the boating publications California provides information on Charters, boating events, meetings, tours and attractions. Also provided are information on yachts and other special events. This is an easy reading publication.

Boat House TV - Costa Mesa, CA is a magazine/show that talks about everything having to do with boating and is one of boating publicatons California. In print the publication is called The Daily Pilot. This magazine provides boat reviews, feature articles, columns, and book reviews. Mike Whitehead is the owner of this boating publication California.

Another of the boating publications California, is the publication Cal/North Boating, Fishing, Diving, Directory - San Francisco, CA. This publication is an invaluable one because it provides lists of boating sources and boating suppliers. This is addressed to sportsmen in northern and central California, western Nevada. It covers boating, fishing, and diving sports. This magazine also provides bridge listings, fishing reports and trade-lines. Its distribution is free.

Cruising 101: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Paradise is another of the boating publications California of San Diego. Feature articles about sailors and boat reviews are a regular part of this magazine. There are articles on maintenance and upgrade resources. Technical information is provided for sailors.

The lastof the boating publications California is Trailer Boats Magazine. This magazine reports on boat tests, discusses propulsion, and boat towing.
Technical information is provided for sailors and others. This magazine seems to have something for everyone, the amateur and pro alike.

Boating publications California is certainly not limited to the above publications. There are magazines related to all regions and some talk about such subjects as boating, yachting, and sailing in more general terms. Others are very technical in nature. Your needs will determine the types of boating publications California you choose.

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