Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting What You Want - Catamaran Plans

You have looked at a lot of boats and have decided you want to build or have built for you a Catamaran. Catamaran plans can be found on the Internet, at boat shows, at marinas, and from other sailors. You could probably visit a shipyard and talk to ship builders. The advantage of building your own catamaran is that you can get exactly what you want.
You will want to purchase or create your own catamaran plans. Another advantage of custom building your catamaran is that is that you will have a chance to get hands on experience in boat building. You may want to build the boat yourself or pay to have it built for you.

The materials you use in building your boat from catamaran plans and the methods used in building should be part of the plan to create your dreamboat. Primary materials include plywood with fir and pine lumber (ACX - marine grade plywood Monique stressed skin plywood boxes make the shape of the boat. Plywood panels are attached to stringers with glue and screws. Bulkheads, hull bottoms, deck transms, and keels are worked with lines down the centers as you build.

The catamaran�s plans will determine the basic tools you will need to build your boat. Basic hand tools like a hammer, nails, a saw, a screwdriver, and all kinds of wrenches. A drill, circular saw, belt sander, an orbital sander and possibly a router will be needed. You will also need a second drill or powered screwdrivers. Primer, paints, and brushes will also be needed once you have completed the boat.

Other considerations when using catamaran plans are the level of experience of the builder whether it is you or someone else. How long will the building of your boat take? It can be done in weeks or months or years. It will depend on the builder, how often the boat is worked on, the availability of all materials, and whether it is one person or a group of people working on it. Catamaran plans can be difficult to read so you may need help in interpreting them.

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