Thursday, June 3, 2010

Custom Catamarans - Finding The Right Design For You

You can�t find an already built catamaran that meets your needs so you turn to thinking about looking at custom catamarans. Your next decision is whether you want to make the attempt at building your own cat or whether you would rather hire someone to do the work for you. Either way, you can obtain plans or you can create your own. Custom catamarans generally come with pre-drawn plans.

There are a number of questions to ask before building custom catamarans. What type of catamaran do you want or need?
More specifically how big do you want the vessel to be? This will be determined by what use you are going to put your catamaran to.

If custom catamarans are going to be a charter will it be a day charter,
a term charter, or a cruising charter? Will you be bare boating it or will you hire a crew? How many people do you anticipate being able to accommodate? Bear in mind that if you anticipate hiring a crew, you will need to accommodate them as well.

The galley is another concern when considering custom catamarans. It�s size and storage will likely depend on how many will be fed from there.
Consider the sleeping arrangements. It might be an idea to separate the sleeping area from the main salon and living area of the vessel. There are all sorts of decisions now to make such as the types of beds and size of the rooms.

Before building begins on custom catamarans you need to determine the length of the vessel. Select a profile. Select a floor plan. Have in mind the thought of any extra weight. Equipment and furniture would add to the total payload of the catamaran.

When considering custom catamarans probably the most important consideration would be your budget. Bear in mind that there will likely be some unexpected expenses so it is strongly suggested that you try to budget more than you actually plan on spending. it�s better to over budget than to under budget your funds.

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