Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting What You Want - Catamaran Plans

You have looked at a lot of boats and have decided you want to build or have built for you a Catamaran. Catamaran plans can be found on the Internet, at boat shows, at marinas, and from other sailors. You could probably visit a shipyard and talk to ship builders. The advantage of building your own catamaran is that you can get exactly what you want.
You will want to purchase or create your own catamaran plans. Another advantage of custom building your catamaran is that is that you will have a chance to get hands on experience in boat building. You may want to build the boat yourself or pay to have it built for you.

The materials you use in building your boat from catamaran plans and the methods used in building should be part of the plan to create your dreamboat. Primary materials include plywood with fir and pine lumber (ACX - marine grade plywood Monique stressed skin plywood boxes make the shape of the boat. Plywood panels are attached to stringers with glue and screws. Bulkheads, hull bottoms, deck transms, and keels are worked with lines down the centers as you build.

The catamaran�s plans will determine the basic tools you will need to build your boat. Basic hand tools like a hammer, nails, a saw, a screwdriver, and all kinds of wrenches. A drill, circular saw, belt sander, an orbital sander and possibly a router will be needed. You will also need a second drill or powered screwdrivers. Primer, paints, and brushes will also be needed once you have completed the boat.

Other considerations when using catamaran plans are the level of experience of the builder whether it is you or someone else. How long will the building of your boat take? It can be done in weeks or months or years. It will depend on the builder, how often the boat is worked on, the availability of all materials, and whether it is one person or a group of people working on it. Catamaran plans can be difficult to read so you may need help in interpreting them.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sailing Safety Harness

There are a number of varieties of a sailing safety harness. We will take a look at three of them specifically. SOSpenders World Class Automatic Inflatable PFD (personal floatation device) with harness. This one is made with high strength nylon cover that is durable and soft to the touch. It is packed in a zippered and reusable vinyl bag with ventilated mesh backing. Now let us take a look at another sailing safety harness.

A second sailing safety harness is the SOSpenders World Class Manual Inflatable PFD with a harness. This is a water activated floatation with CO2 that is automatically activated with a rip cord and an oral tube back ups. The off-neck fit will not restrict movement and will keep you keep cool in summer. There is a belt in the harness for extra security when the tether is used.

Inflation mechanisms on the sailing safety harness inflates to over thirty-five pounds of buoyancy in five seconds. It has two times the buoyancy of foam vests and are capable of turning most people from a face down position to a face up breathing position. Reflective tape on the cover and has an attached safety whistle.

With the sailing safety harness there are also tethers made of very strong tightly woven nylon that is attached to the belt of the harness and then to a stationery object on the boat to prevent someone from slipping and going overboard and for very young children to prevent them from wandering and getting into trouble or falling overboard. They do of course, come in sizes for both adults and children. There are some style choices and there is a price range available. The features of both harnesses mentioned here are comfort and security and the fact they are USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved and meets ORC requirements.

Be sure you get a sailing safety harness that properly fits to ensure a better measure of protection. If it is too big the person can slip out of the harness or vest. There are choices so be sure you have what you want and that it fits. They can be found online, in boating stores, and sometimes in retail stores.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Read All About It! Boating publications California

Search for a boating magazine is one thing but finding specific boating publications California can be more of a challenge. We have found some directly related to the west; Boating publications California. . You can find these magazines or publications on the Internet, in specialty stores, and probably most bookstores.

America�s Finest Events/Yacht Charters, El Cajon, CA is one of the boating publications California provides information on Charters, boating events, meetings, tours and attractions. Also provided are information on yachts and other special events. This is an easy reading publication.

Boat House TV - Costa Mesa, CA is a magazine/show that talks about everything having to do with boating and is one of boating publicatons California. In print the publication is called The Daily Pilot. This magazine provides boat reviews, feature articles, columns, and book reviews. Mike Whitehead is the owner of this boating publication California.

Another of the boating publications California, is the publication Cal/North Boating, Fishing, Diving, Directory - San Francisco, CA. This publication is an invaluable one because it provides lists of boating sources and boating suppliers. This is addressed to sportsmen in northern and central California, western Nevada. It covers boating, fishing, and diving sports. This magazine also provides bridge listings, fishing reports and trade-lines. Its distribution is free.

Cruising 101: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Paradise is another of the boating publications California of San Diego. Feature articles about sailors and boat reviews are a regular part of this magazine. There are articles on maintenance and upgrade resources. Technical information is provided for sailors.

The lastof the boating publications California is Trailer Boats Magazine. This magazine reports on boat tests, discusses propulsion, and boat towing.
Technical information is provided for sailors and others. This magazine seems to have something for everyone, the amateur and pro alike.

Boating publications California is certainly not limited to the above publications. There are magazines related to all regions and some talk about such subjects as boating, yachting, and sailing in more general terms. Others are very technical in nature. Your needs will determine the types of boating publications California you choose.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A View of Boating Holidays Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The waters of Victoria and Vancouver Island combined with the Archipelago of the Gulf Islands provide boaters and sailors with some of the most beautiful cruising grounds available. The West Coast is rugged but soothes your soul as the wind and waves challenge you. Boating holidays Victoria will excite you and soothe you.

Boating holidays Victoria has boating and sailing that is a great way to visit Vancouver Island. Whether you are bare boating it or taking a cruise there are many boat charter options to match your interests, needs, and probably your budget. You can be certain of a unique experience.

There are a number of options available in boating holidays Victoria. You can spend time on a luxury craft, tour historic harbors, and/or explore uninhabited islands. Whether you view marine life or go fishing; you can race against other sailors or you can sail off into the sunset on a relaxing and romantic dinner cruise. There are many marine parks and marinas that provide safe moorings and facilities for boats.

Types of trips that are available in boating holidays Victoria include Boat charters that tour the harbors or the Gorge by ferry. These tours run approximately forty-five minutes for the tours of the harbor and fifty minutes for the tour of the Gorge. Sailing trips run for three hours; you can cruise into Juan De Fuca Strait. There is the viewing of wild life and the option of helping to steer the ship or simply relax. Eco tours are available as well as whale watching, fishing and birding (bird watching). The waters are famous for killer whales, sea lions, and bald eagles.

Boating holidays Victoria also offer a cruise of Oak Bay and the Gulf Islands. Close up photography of wildlife, marine birds, mammals, and seals. After all this you can go ashore to explore beaches and uninhabited islands or check out crab traps or fish. As you can see, boating holidays Victoria will provide you with a wide variety of options for your boating or sailing trip.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Custom Catamarans - Finding The Right Design For You

You can�t find an already built catamaran that meets your needs so you turn to thinking about looking at custom catamarans. Your next decision is whether you want to make the attempt at building your own cat or whether you would rather hire someone to do the work for you. Either way, you can obtain plans or you can create your own. Custom catamarans generally come with pre-drawn plans.

There are a number of questions to ask before building custom catamarans. What type of catamaran do you want or need?
More specifically how big do you want the vessel to be? This will be determined by what use you are going to put your catamaran to.

If custom catamarans are going to be a charter will it be a day charter,
a term charter, or a cruising charter? Will you be bare boating it or will you hire a crew? How many people do you anticipate being able to accommodate? Bear in mind that if you anticipate hiring a crew, you will need to accommodate them as well.

The galley is another concern when considering custom catamarans. It�s size and storage will likely depend on how many will be fed from there.
Consider the sleeping arrangements. It might be an idea to separate the sleeping area from the main salon and living area of the vessel. There are all sorts of decisions now to make such as the types of beds and size of the rooms.

Before building begins on custom catamarans you need to determine the length of the vessel. Select a profile. Select a floor plan. Have in mind the thought of any extra weight. Equipment and furniture would add to the total payload of the catamaran.

When considering custom catamarans probably the most important consideration would be your budget. Bear in mind that there will likely be some unexpected expenses so it is strongly suggested that you try to budget more than you actually plan on spending. it�s better to over budget than to under budget your funds.