Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tips For Home Built Sailboats

The first step to take before you consider Home built sailboats, is choose a suitable plan, preferably wait though before purchasing the plans. You should consider your budget. How much do you expect to spend? Be honest and realistic about your finances. If you plans are common you might want to take a good look at whether it will really be cheaper build your boat or to buy a new boat. Whether you buy a pre-built boat or a home built it is best to over-budget in the event there would be some overage costs.

Home built boats take up your time. Think about your time as it is right now. What kind of time do you really have? Do you have a family? Do you have a job? Building a boat by yourself is time consuming and the projects have a habit of taking more time than planned.

Planning is a crucial part when considering home built sailboat. Compile a list of supplies and materials you will need for your boat. When you order the wood for your boat make sue you know whether the wood needs to be dried or treated. Finding this out later than sooner can delay your project for about six weeks or more. Have a list of suppliers so that if your supplier doesn�t have an item then you have a back-up plan in place.

When considering home built sailboats good communication is a must with suppliers and others who might be helping you. Keep your goals in mind. Do you want to be a boat builder or a sailor. What sometimes ends happening is that the project takes a long time and by time its completed you have lost interest in sailing. Knowing what you�re goals are will help to express them to others.

Skills are important when you are thinking about home built sailboats.
Do you really have the skills necessary to pull this off. You will learn some skills while doing the project. Are your skills strong enough to keep you going? At some point in the project you will either need to consult a professional or hire one. Space is another consideration. Make very sure that wherever you build your boat the space has to be long enough and wide enough to accommodate the vessel. Separate your living space from the project area. This will give you a break.

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