Monday, May 17, 2010

The History Of The San Francisco Yacht Club

The San Francisco Yacht Club was founded in 1869 on the Pacific Coast North America. The original anchorage and clubhouse were located in San Francisco near Mission Rock. Low water depth and increasing industrial growth the San Francisco Yacht Club moved to Sausalito. A new clubhouse was built but was destroyed by fire almost thirty years later.

The San Francisco Yacht Club made another move that was necessary in nineteen twenty-six. There was a huge debate about whether the club should go to Belvedere Cove. This group was led by Commodore Clifford Smith. The opposition was more in favor of moving back to San Francisco, lease land from the city on the marina. Eventually it was decided to make the move to Belvedere. The opposition left that club, moved back to San Francisco and created the San Francis Yacht Club in 1934. A small building on the Belvedere site is still a part of the present complex.

The planning for the present one hundred ninety berth harbor for the San Francisco Yacht Club began in the nineteen thirties and it was completed in nineteen fifty-seven when there was enough money available. The San Francisco Yacht Club is held by many to be the premier yacht club facility in the west coast because of the serene setting of Belvedere Cove and its magnificent harbor.

The San Francisco Yacht Club is a year-round facility. It includes the harbor, a dry sail area, and full service restaurant and bar. There is a program for juniors as well. All members are committed to the Corinthian traditions of yachting whether or not they own a boat.

The New Wave is a committee of the San Francisco Yacht Club that receives new members between the ages of 21 and 40 and present members of similar age. This helps to ensure that members share in the objectives of the club. It�s quality time not the quantity that is important.
This also includes participation in boating and sailing activities. They encourage members to enjoy social events at the San Francisco Yacht Club.

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