Monday, May 24, 2010

Boating Safety Resources

Boating safety resources are available from many sources. Publications can be found by performing an Internet search. Going to your search engine and typing in the words boating safety or boating safety resources do this. Thousands of sites will come for you to browse through. Publications include magazines, owner�s manuals, boating handbooks and these can be obtained in some cases from the Coast Guard, marinas, boat dealers, from Met Life, or from boat builders handbook.

Boating safety resources can also be obtained from taking boating safety courses. The United States Coast Guard, The United States Power Squadron offers these courses, from some marinas and some yacht clubs.
Organizations such as the YMCA might also offer very basic boating safety courses. Some after school programs are sponsored by local yacht clubs and offer mini courses to children. As might be expected you might more easily find these types of courses in coastal areas although you could find them just about anywhere.

You can search for boating safety resources surrounding a particular issue such as alcohol and boating. You will learn among other things that you need to know the effects of alcohol, the dangers of BUI- boating under the influence, and to be able to judge impairment. You must know the laws and penalties of BUI. Bear in mind here, that boating under the influence means any illicit substance not just alcohol.

There are boating safety resources regarding carbon monoxide as well.
Who would think on the open water you would need to worry about it but read on. You probably know that carbon monoxide can be deadly, but did you know that it could be deadly both indoors and outdoors. It can affect you anytime but beware that you can�t see it, smell it, or taste it.
Know the dangers of CO and where it can build up and know how to protect yourself and others from it. There are safety checklists available from any of the previously mentioned boating safety resources. The United States Coast Guard is an extremely good source of information.

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