Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Fun of California Boating Events

Where would you find California boating events listed? Listing of events could be listed in your local newspaper, in boating magazines, at the marina, and/or in postal mail flyers. Boat dealers may also have information on California boating events. They shouldn�t be difficult to find.

Most newspapers and magazines will have listings of community events including California boating events in an event calendar. An event calendar will provide a list of such events as boat shows, races, regattas, and even equipment demonstrations. Events dates are listed and briefly described, the times may be given, and contact information provided. The locations of such as events are listed as are directions sometimes.
Events such as these are held in such cities as Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles among others.

California boating events include dinner cruises, various types of fishing trips, sunset cruises, and/or whale watching cruises. Other boating events include kayaking. Also listed are various races such as regattas (sailboat races). When vessels such as the Queen Elizabeth II arrive in ports of call tours are sometimes allowed. The Tall Ships coming into port is a fantastic sight and so are the America�s Cup Races. They also include corporate charters, wedding charters, and other types of party cruises.

Other California boating events include boat shows, auctions and boating demonstrations. Yachting demonstrations are also held in some places. Harbor tours are offered in some coastal cities. Yacht clubs, marinas, and boat dealers are available in most cities.

You can find California boating events on the internet as well. All you need to go is go to one the search engines and type in california boating events. A list of various websites will appear and you might have to wade through some junk before you find what you are looking for. Other sources for finding California boating events are radio and television advertisements. Many tourism/visitors bureaus of cities will have this information as well or will be able to direct you to it. The information about California boating events is out there you just might have to dig a little bit to find it. When you do find it, enjoy your adventure on the water.

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