Wednesday, March 3, 2010

California Recreational Boating - Be Happy, Be Safe

As in any sport, California Recreational Boating requires knowledge and a certain level of skills. The knowledge base that you have should include how to operate the vessel in any situation, how to maintain the vessel for maximum performance, and possibly how to do minor maintenance. You should also know what to have on board that would enable you to react to almost any emergency. Your skill base should include safety skills, emergency procedures, and basic operation skills to enjoy California Recreational Boating.

There are items that you should have available on board a vessel used for California recreational boating. These items will help keep you and your vessel or the vessel you are on safe and comfortable. The list of suggested items includes things directly related to the mechanical operation of the vessel, things to aid in the safe and proper navigation of the vessel, emergency items and some practical items for comfort and for safety.

In California Recreational boating some of the items you should for the safe operation of the vessel include a bilge pump or something to bail out the boat if it should be necessary. Also on board should be oars/ or paddles in case of engine problems, an anchor with a chain and line that is the right type for the vessel, and extra fuel, oil, and lubricants.
There should be spare parts, a tool kit, a flashlight, spare light bulbs, and spare navigation lights. There should be compass charts and maps as well.

Vessels used in California recreational boating should have a radio or mobile phone to call for help if needed, a throw rope in a bag, visual distress signals such as flares, and a first aid kit are imperative items to have available. Last but certainly not least you should extra clothes, a sun hat, and sunglasses for sun safety protection. Do not forget to have sun block lotion with you. Life jackets and a lifeboat of some kind maybe an inflatable raft should be available in case you have jump ship.

Vessels engines used in California recreational voting should be kept tuned up, all fluids such as oil need to be monitored, and the oil must be changed according to the boat�s maintenance schedule. All of the battery connections should be tightened and cleaned and the battery power level checked. If the battery is weak it may need to be recharged or replaced. The external engine must be clean and free of grease and oil build up. Check anything that needs to be tightened and repair and replace hoses, nuts, bolts, belts, and screws. A word of caution for maintenance of any vessel but especially those used in California recreational boating. Never use auto parts in your boat, use only marine parts.

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