Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Small Class Sailboats

Small class boats are generally considered to be under twenty feet long including the dinghy, the inflatables, rowboats, and kayaks. Let�s take a look at a specific model of small class boats called the Porte bote. It has a hull that ways less than seventy pounds. It folds flat for transport.

The Porte-bote, a small class boat, is made from four sets of polypropylene joined by a patented and mysterious hinge , a keel and chines. The hinges are capped with three-quarter round polypropylene tubing and it is treated to prevent damage from ultra-violet rays.

This small class boat, the porte-bote has 3 sets of supports. Each set comes with fold-down center supports that fit into clips beneath the gunwhales. These give the boat shape. There are locking pins that make sure they stay in place.

One could argue that this small class boat can�t possibly be safe and neither can it be that simple to put together. Let�s look at how you fold the boat first and then we will unfold it. Now when this boat is folded it�s only about four inches thick. The boat folds flat with the gunwhales into the keel then in half at the keel. As a brief side note, you certainly don�t want to carry your boat to the water so there is a device called a portadolly that will enable you to bring your boat to the water. When folded you can store it hanging from your garage ceiling or on the side walls. When transporting it, it will fit nicely in a station wagon or on the top of a car, van, or truck.

Now it�s time to look at how to unfold this small class boat. Place the hull flat on the ground with the keel away from you. Then step on the chine hinge of the lower half than unfold the upper half. The seats would be inserted and put in place with locking pins. If you question the stability of this boat, consider this; it is said by many people say its stability rivals that of a barge. There�s a lot of boat in this small class boat - porta bote.

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