Monday, February 1, 2010

San Diego California Boating Regulations

San Diego California boating regulations apply to Mission Bay and the ocean area of the city. There many regulations in a variety of categories.
The categories chosen for this article are specific to some areas and also give general regulations. San Diego California Boating Regulations are for the protection of all and so they must be adhered to at all times.

The San Diego California Boating Regulations for general vessel speed state that a vessel shall not be operated at a speed greater than five miles per hour with one hundred feet of a swimmer or a surfer, or within two hundred feet of a beach.

There are specific San Diego California Boating Regulations regarding the ocean speed of any vessel. No person will operate a vessel at speeds in excess of five miles per hour within one thousand feet of the oceanfront coastline of the city of San Diego. There are separate regulations for the area of Mission Bay.

The San Diego California Boating Regulations regarding Mission Bay vessel speed. The speed limit in Mission Bay from sunset to sunrise is five miles per hour. At other times certain areas have a designated speed limit of five miles per hour or less. These include wherever buoys are posted with a five miles per hour speed limit, near buildings, within one hundred feet of swimmers, within one hundred feet of another vessel.

San Diego California Boating regulations also covers equipment. The requirement varies depending on the size and type of the boat. Most pleasure boats are required to have the following equipment on board while underway. They must have throw-able flotation devices, one wearable flotation device for each person on board. There must also be one marine type fire extinguisher for motor boats of a closed hull construction as well as navigation lights if the vessel is operating after sunset and one sound producing device. There must be appropriate registration cards, numbers, and stickers. There is a minimum age, Mission Bay boating , ocean front beaching, anchoring, in Mission Bay, and special use or areas regulations. There are regulations in San Diego Boating regulations for other items as well. The most obvious fact is that these regulations are in place for everyone�s protection.

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