Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sailing - Is It for You?

I know what you are thinking, me on a sailboat? Yeah right! Sailing - is it for you? Don�t be too hasty; think it about it. There are some questions you need to ask yourself, especially if you think that you want to get into sailing. There are a lot of things to consider. Understand that within the questions you ask yourself, there will be more questions. For this reason we will only mention a few questions and some sub-questions. Let�s see if we can determine, sailing - is it for you?

In looking at sailing - is it for you; Are you the outdoor type? Do you like the water? If not sailing is likely not an option for you. How do you react to the weather? If you can�t tolerate the unpredictability of weather on land you might have a problem on the water? Do you suffer from motion sickness?
This probably is the least of your concerns because if you really want to sail motion sickness can be treated effectively.

Do you like challenges- this is an important question in making a decision about sailing-is it for you? You can learn the basics of sailing in a day trip or on a long weekend but know that learning is ongoing. Sailing is constantly challenging you to use your skills. How do you feel about this?
Are you humble? If not sailing especially in rough waters can make you humble. Can you take personal challenges? Are you a patient person?
There is no place for impatience in sailing? A quick miscalculation due to impatience or taking a short cut because you are in a hurry could be deadly.

Sailing - is it for you; will cause you to ask yourself things like Can I take orders or follow directions? Can you take orders from a stranger or a friend? How about from you partner? It is vital that you listen closely and follow directions exactly because in a crisis it could mean saving lives including your own. Are you goals realistic? Don�t be thinking you will be circling the globe in a week or sail in a race like the America�s Cup.

Other considerations in deciding about sailing - is it for you? Do you have the time and/or money to get into sailing? There are all kinds of fees and expenses, have a budget in mind. Who else do you have in your life? If you have a family you might consider involving them in your interest in sailing other wise you might have to choose another sport or hobby.
Sailing - is it for you?

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