Sunday, February 7, 2010

Escape to Paradise - Yacht Charters in Bahamas

There are three types of vessels that are used in yacht charters in Bahamas. The first of the three vessels are luxury yachts whose length ranges from 120 feet to 180 feet in length. This vessel can support six to ten people. The second type of vessels is sailing yachts that range in length from 47 feet to 73 feet. It holds 6 to 8 people. The third type of vessel used in yacht charters in Bahamas is bare boats that are approximately six meters in overall length.

Yacht charters in Bahamas go to the islands. There is the Grand Bahamas, Nassau, Bimini, Harbor Island, Abaco, and other smaller islands.
There is a choice of a wide variety of things to do such as snorkeling, sun bathing, shopping, and biking tours of the islands. The islands offer all kinds of activities, white sandy beaches, exotic tropical escapes, food, and nightclubs. Nassau has an airport that is only an hour away from Miami. You can also go by power yacht, catamarans, and bare boats. There are tons of choices to make.

How do you get to the islands? What type of vessel will you choose for yacht charters in Bahamas and finally, are you going to run the boat yourself (self-sail-without a crew) or are you going to have a crew? Having a crew has one very obvious advantage- all the work will be done for you? Self-Sailing can also have advantages in that you can spend your own amount of time on the islands or stay on one. You can make your charter be what you and your guests dream about in every way possible. Imagine it and you can probably make it happen.

During your yacht charters in Bahamas you can expect the following; exquisite meals and beverages, the use of water sports equipment, full crew services and guided tours of the islands and grand tours of the water. Yacht charters in Bahamas as I said offers an exotic and relaxing paradise. It�s a great escape. When you go to your yacht charters in Bahamas absorb the tranquility of the untouched islands

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