Monday, February 15, 2010

Catalina Sailboat Replacement Parts

Catalina sailboat replacement parts can be found online, from the manufacturer or even from some used boat dealers. As with anything, be sure you have the right parts. If you can have the model number of the original part it would be so helpful in getting the right part. There are some places that may try to get you to purchase �generic� parts but make sure
though that it says somewhere on the packaging it will fit your make and model.

There are all kinds of available Catalina sailboat replacement parts. They include but are not limited to winches, mastheads, spinnaker cranes, and custom anchoring rollers. There are channels, glazing, and standard rigging kits.

Other available Catalina sailboat replacement parts include rub rails, pop top power lift kits, and pop top mast locks. Stanchions and furling jib socks can also be replaced. You can also almost always get a replacement owner�s manual or handbook.

Consider that Catalina sailboat replacement parts may not necessarily be limited to parts of the boat or its engine components. Consider that plumbing, electrical components and even furnishings. Unless you sell it within a relatively short time you can get away without replacing something on your vessel. Replacement things don�t just happen when making repairs you could be replacing furniture, light bulbs, cushions or other things. You could be replacing furniture coverings or draperies and these should obviously be the right color and size. The concern should always be whatever you are replacing that they truly be Catalina sailboat replacement parts or parts that are compatible. You can order these parts online, through a catalog, or you can contact a manufacturer or dealer for assistance and technical support.

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  1. I need a rudder locking disk set for a Catalina 22 sailboat