Monday, February 15, 2010

Catalina Sailboat Replacement Parts

Catalina sailboat replacement parts can be found online, from the manufacturer or even from some used boat dealers. As with anything, be sure you have the right parts. If you can have the model number of the original part it would be so helpful in getting the right part. There are some places that may try to get you to purchase �generic� parts but make sure
though that it says somewhere on the packaging it will fit your make and model.

There are all kinds of available Catalina sailboat replacement parts. They include but are not limited to winches, mastheads, spinnaker cranes, and custom anchoring rollers. There are channels, glazing, and standard rigging kits.

Other available Catalina sailboat replacement parts include rub rails, pop top power lift kits, and pop top mast locks. Stanchions and furling jib socks can also be replaced. You can also almost always get a replacement owner�s manual or handbook.

Consider that Catalina sailboat replacement parts may not necessarily be limited to parts of the boat or its engine components. Consider that plumbing, electrical components and even furnishings. Unless you sell it within a relatively short time you can get away without replacing something on your vessel. Replacement things don�t just happen when making repairs you could be replacing furniture, light bulbs, cushions or other things. You could be replacing furniture coverings or draperies and these should obviously be the right color and size. The concern should always be whatever you are replacing that they truly be Catalina sailboat replacement parts or parts that are compatible. You can order these parts online, through a catalog, or you can contact a manufacturer or dealer for assistance and technical support.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Advantages Of The Easy Sail Catamaran

The Easy Sail Catamaran is an ultra- light craft. It has inflatable floaters, a double patented collapsible construction. This makes it easy to disassemble a big boat into a small package. Owning it removes the problems you would have with a bigger solid boat such storage, difficult transport, and manipulation. It is a full service catamaran. Some models of the Easy Sail catamaran exceeded the service of solid floaters.

Sailing an Easy Sail is easy and safe. It is meant to take much more stress than normal usage would give it. It has been proven by it having been sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. This boat then, is definitely one I would consider. If you are the type of person that likes new and romantic adventures, loves being on the water, who likes to be more active than lying around on a beach. If you like romantic weekends or vacations with family, friends, or coworkers, have a small car and has enough space to fit three pairs of skis with boots, than at the very least you have space for a folded up Easy Sail. You might then consider it rather pointless to buy an expensive classic boat because it isn�t worth the investment especially looking at the need for marina and slip fees, general expenses, and where to store it. For those of you for those few weeks during the season, especially when you consider all the problems that go along with it.

The Easy Sail is easy to transport because it fits easily into a trunk and on top of the car. It is easy to assemble and takes just about an hour. It is almost as easy to disassemble in approximately forty minutes. It is easy to board your family and your friends, actually it can take from six to eight people. The Easy Sail is easy to board and disembark from, easy to sail, to anchor, to store, and to buy. It is ideal for family vacations, outings with colleagues, and short trips. It�s ideal for sporting events, for firefighters (the motored version), and for summer camps. It is also a great first boat, even children can learn to operate it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Yacht Salvage Takes the Good from the Bad

Before getting into yacht salvage let me ask you, What do you think of when you hear the word salvage? I think of the junk trucks that I used to see as a kid going around picking up old broken furniture, bikes, and cars. Yacht salvage is gathering parts of yachts from either damaged boats or inoperable yachts.

Yacht salvage value is what someone might pay for something that is otherwise useless but may have useful material, (i.e. working engine parts or unbroken furniture). Some people would rather use salvaged parts as they can be cheaper and they work almost as well as the original part its replacing.

The types of damage found in yacht salvage are from boats that have severe mechanical failures but the rest of the yacht is fine. Boats are known to run aground and get holes in the hull, broken rudders, or propellers. Damage from fire and weather disasters like the recent hurricanes.

You have acquired a boat through yacht salvage and now you must decide what you are going to do with it. You can both repair the boat and put her to sea again or you could choose to disassemble her and sell the parts for use in building or repairing other boats. You can do the repair work yourself and keep ownership of the boat or you can hire someone to help you with the work.

Buying a boat or boat parts from yacht salvage has its risks. It is almost always a �as is� sale. There is never a warranty which means it is gives you no recourse if something goes wrong. Financing can be next to impossible to get. If you are willing to take the risks go for it.

After reviewing the risks and the possible advantages of yacht salvage you need to know where to find it. You can look on the Internet, boating magazines, and you could try visiting marinas and talking to some of the boat captains. You might find them at auctions. You might have to do some looking before you come up with some thing so my advice to you is
�Don�t give up the ship.�

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Escape to Paradise - Yacht Charters in Bahamas

There are three types of vessels that are used in yacht charters in Bahamas. The first of the three vessels are luxury yachts whose length ranges from 120 feet to 180 feet in length. This vessel can support six to ten people. The second type of vessels is sailing yachts that range in length from 47 feet to 73 feet. It holds 6 to 8 people. The third type of vessel used in yacht charters in Bahamas is bare boats that are approximately six meters in overall length.

Yacht charters in Bahamas go to the islands. There is the Grand Bahamas, Nassau, Bimini, Harbor Island, Abaco, and other smaller islands.
There is a choice of a wide variety of things to do such as snorkeling, sun bathing, shopping, and biking tours of the islands. The islands offer all kinds of activities, white sandy beaches, exotic tropical escapes, food, and nightclubs. Nassau has an airport that is only an hour away from Miami. You can also go by power yacht, catamarans, and bare boats. There are tons of choices to make.

How do you get to the islands? What type of vessel will you choose for yacht charters in Bahamas and finally, are you going to run the boat yourself (self-sail-without a crew) or are you going to have a crew? Having a crew has one very obvious advantage- all the work will be done for you? Self-Sailing can also have advantages in that you can spend your own amount of time on the islands or stay on one. You can make your charter be what you and your guests dream about in every way possible. Imagine it and you can probably make it happen.

During your yacht charters in Bahamas you can expect the following; exquisite meals and beverages, the use of water sports equipment, full crew services and guided tours of the islands and grand tours of the water. Yacht charters in Bahamas as I said offers an exotic and relaxing paradise. It�s a great escape. When you go to your yacht charters in Bahamas absorb the tranquility of the untouched islands

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sailing - Is It for You?

I know what you are thinking, me on a sailboat? Yeah right! Sailing - is it for you? Don�t be too hasty; think it about it. There are some questions you need to ask yourself, especially if you think that you want to get into sailing. There are a lot of things to consider. Understand that within the questions you ask yourself, there will be more questions. For this reason we will only mention a few questions and some sub-questions. Let�s see if we can determine, sailing - is it for you?

In looking at sailing - is it for you; Are you the outdoor type? Do you like the water? If not sailing is likely not an option for you. How do you react to the weather? If you can�t tolerate the unpredictability of weather on land you might have a problem on the water? Do you suffer from motion sickness?
This probably is the least of your concerns because if you really want to sail motion sickness can be treated effectively.

Do you like challenges- this is an important question in making a decision about sailing-is it for you? You can learn the basics of sailing in a day trip or on a long weekend but know that learning is ongoing. Sailing is constantly challenging you to use your skills. How do you feel about this?
Are you humble? If not sailing especially in rough waters can make you humble. Can you take personal challenges? Are you a patient person?
There is no place for impatience in sailing? A quick miscalculation due to impatience or taking a short cut because you are in a hurry could be deadly.

Sailing - is it for you; will cause you to ask yourself things like Can I take orders or follow directions? Can you take orders from a stranger or a friend? How about from you partner? It is vital that you listen closely and follow directions exactly because in a crisis it could mean saving lives including your own. Are you goals realistic? Don�t be thinking you will be circling the globe in a week or sail in a race like the America�s Cup.

Other considerations in deciding about sailing - is it for you? Do you have the time and/or money to get into sailing? There are all kinds of fees and expenses, have a budget in mind. Who else do you have in your life? If you have a family you might consider involving them in your interest in sailing other wise you might have to choose another sport or hobby.
Sailing - is it for you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Special Needs Sailing - The Royal Caribbean

Some might think that people who are disabled cannot do things like go on cruises. Royal Caribbean will disagree with that. Some of the support services such as early boarding, assistance in boarding if needed, early boarding. The Royal Caribbean has clearly taken on the challenge and they are succeeding in providing special needs sailing.

Special needs sailing is a challenge. Royal Caribbean has extra wide passage ways that allows a one hundred eighty degree turn for wheelchairs. Most decks are accessible through automatic doors.
All public rooms feature entrances with gradual inclines.

The Royal Caribbean provides the following services to those who have special needs sailing. Special accommodations are provided for those who may need special equipment. Early boarding with assistance, cruise transfers that uses a specialized van with a lift, and boarding and departure are provided. Scooter access, hydraulic lifts for one pool and a Jacuzzi throughout the fleet. An accessible tender system, accessible Black Jack tables in the casinos and accessible guest relations desk, deck plans that show the accessible paths of travel onboard, which is very helpful.

The Royal Caribbean provides special needs sailing with accessible staterooms. The features of these rooms include doors with thirty two inch to thirty four inch widths (vessel dependent) and Bathroom doors with thirty two to thirty four widths (vessel dependent). There is no doorsill to the entrance of the stateroom. The bathrooms have ramps leading to them and they have grab bars. The bathrooms have lowered sinks and vanities, roll in showers, hand held showers, and raised toilet seats.

The special needs sailing also provides assistance for the visually impaired. This includes Braille or voice recognition software when possible. Braille and tactile signage is available as is Braille on all elevators.

Assistance for the Hearing Impaired is provided for in special needs sailing on the Royal Caribbean. Sign language interpreters are available for you upon request and this should be sixty days prior to sailing date. Other special needs are accommodated such oxygen tanks, let Royal Caribbean know how much you need and what kind of tanks you need as well as the delivery schedule. Special needs sailing accommodations are a challenge that has clearly been met by the Royal Caribbean.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Southwest Florida Boat Charters

On Southwest Florida boat charters you can use sailboats or powerboats and they are the best way to explore the islands of the golf coast of Florida. There are many types of boats available so it is very likely that you will be able to find the size and type of boat that meets your needs.

There are two types of southwest charters Florida boat charters available; a crewed charter if you are new to sailing or if you wish to just simply relax. If you are an accomplished sailor and are qualified you might choose to go with a bare boat charter. This would allow you to skipper a vessel on your own. The sailing cruise grounds are from Marco Island to Venice on the Gulf of Mexico provides real and protected sailing areas or offshore sails.

The Southwest Florida boat charters hold that Fort Myers is the best place for sailing or powerboat charters has natural and unspoiled beauty and ease of navigation. There is something for everyone from beginner to the experienced sailor or cruiser.

The cruising are of southwest Florida boat charters extends from Cape Romano (Marco Island) to the south to Arnica inlet to the north and includes Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island Boca Grande, Gaspirilla Island, Cayo Costa, Usepa Island, Caboy Cay, Pine Island, Naples, Labell, Clearwater and Lake Okeechobee.

If you are planning a southwest Florida boat charter for a couple or a family you will be able to find something to meet your needs. Think about relaxing and enjoying a spectacular sunset or getting to see some unique wild life. Check with your charter company you will be able to plan a wonderful trip you deserve it. When planning our southwest Florida boat charter you will need to know what type of charter you need , your proposed travel dates, and the type of boat that will best meet your needs. As has been said your charter company will help plan your adventure.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Small Class Sailboats

Small class boats are generally considered to be under twenty feet long including the dinghy, the inflatables, rowboats, and kayaks. Let�s take a look at a specific model of small class boats called the Porte bote. It has a hull that ways less than seventy pounds. It folds flat for transport.

The Porte-bote, a small class boat, is made from four sets of polypropylene joined by a patented and mysterious hinge , a keel and chines. The hinges are capped with three-quarter round polypropylene tubing and it is treated to prevent damage from ultra-violet rays.

This small class boat, the porte-bote has 3 sets of supports. Each set comes with fold-down center supports that fit into clips beneath the gunwhales. These give the boat shape. There are locking pins that make sure they stay in place.

One could argue that this small class boat can�t possibly be safe and neither can it be that simple to put together. Let�s look at how you fold the boat first and then we will unfold it. Now when this boat is folded it�s only about four inches thick. The boat folds flat with the gunwhales into the keel then in half at the keel. As a brief side note, you certainly don�t want to carry your boat to the water so there is a device called a portadolly that will enable you to bring your boat to the water. When folded you can store it hanging from your garage ceiling or on the side walls. When transporting it, it will fit nicely in a station wagon or on the top of a car, van, or truck.

Now it�s time to look at how to unfold this small class boat. Place the hull flat on the ground with the keel away from you. Then step on the chine hinge of the lower half than unfold the upper half. The seats would be inserted and put in place with locking pins. If you question the stability of this boat, consider this; it is said by many people say its stability rivals that of a barge. There�s a lot of boat in this small class boat - porta bote.

Monday, February 1, 2010

San Diego California Boating Regulations

San Diego California boating regulations apply to Mission Bay and the ocean area of the city. There many regulations in a variety of categories.
The categories chosen for this article are specific to some areas and also give general regulations. San Diego California Boating Regulations are for the protection of all and so they must be adhered to at all times.

The San Diego California Boating Regulations for general vessel speed state that a vessel shall not be operated at a speed greater than five miles per hour with one hundred feet of a swimmer or a surfer, or within two hundred feet of a beach.

There are specific San Diego California Boating Regulations regarding the ocean speed of any vessel. No person will operate a vessel at speeds in excess of five miles per hour within one thousand feet of the oceanfront coastline of the city of San Diego. There are separate regulations for the area of Mission Bay.

The San Diego California Boating Regulations regarding Mission Bay vessel speed. The speed limit in Mission Bay from sunset to sunrise is five miles per hour. At other times certain areas have a designated speed limit of five miles per hour or less. These include wherever buoys are posted with a five miles per hour speed limit, near buildings, within one hundred feet of swimmers, within one hundred feet of another vessel.

San Diego California Boating regulations also covers equipment. The requirement varies depending on the size and type of the boat. Most pleasure boats are required to have the following equipment on board while underway. They must have throw-able flotation devices, one wearable flotation device for each person on board. There must also be one marine type fire extinguisher for motor boats of a closed hull construction as well as navigation lights if the vessel is operating after sunset and one sound producing device. There must be appropriate registration cards, numbers, and stickers. There is a minimum age, Mission Bay boating , ocean front beaching, anchoring, in Mission Bay, and special use or areas regulations. There are regulations in San Diego Boating regulations for other items as well. The most obvious fact is that these regulations are in place for everyone�s protection.