Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sailing Waterproof Gear Bags

There are a wide variety of sailing waterproof gear bags available. With more demand for ample storage and bags that are easily stowed away aboard the ship. We will take a look at only a few of the waterproof gear bags that are available.

One of the water proof gear bags a water proof duffle bag. This duffel bag is great for adventure, travel, and water activities. It is great to take along on diving trips as portable storage. Everything is kept dry even when dumped overboard. The features of this particular bag include dual non-slip compression straps. Outside zippered pouches are for small items you want to get to want to get to quickly. Outside pockets also hold a first aid kit and sun block. Inside carriers hold extra warm dry clothes for everyone on board.

A backpack is also one of many waterproof gear bags. These are used by the USCG - United States Coast Guard as the best in day packs for protection of gear in bad weather while boating. The features of the backpack include a fixed internal watertight section and compression straps. The front panel of the backpack, whether cycling or kayaking helmets. The vented mesh rear panel for maximum comfort. There is a detachable accessory pouch with a shoulder strap. It gives easy access to necessary items for complete watertight security a full ran flap covers the main compartment.

A unique waterproof gear bag is the waterproof waist wallet and pouch.
The function of this bag is its triple compartments that are great for all sports enthusiasts. It features an internal fixed sealed tight closure, a watertight pouch for added protection of larger items and a zippered compartment for easy access items.

A water proof cell phone case that floats is another waterproof bag. It is one hundred percent watertight, it floats, and your cell phone will still receive and send calls. There is also room for spare batteries and fits both left and right antennas. It is submersible without any leakage. These water proof gear bags will protect much of what you can put in them.

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