Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sailing Waterproof Gear Bags

There are a wide variety of sailing waterproof gear bags available. With more demand for ample storage and bags that are easily stowed away aboard the ship. We will take a look at only a few of the waterproof gear bags that are available.

One of the water proof gear bags a water proof duffle bag. This duffel bag is great for adventure, travel, and water activities. It is great to take along on diving trips as portable storage. Everything is kept dry even when dumped overboard. The features of this particular bag include dual non-slip compression straps. Outside zippered pouches are for small items you want to get to want to get to quickly. Outside pockets also hold a first aid kit and sun block. Inside carriers hold extra warm dry clothes for everyone on board.

A backpack is also one of many waterproof gear bags. These are used by the USCG - United States Coast Guard as the best in day packs for protection of gear in bad weather while boating. The features of the backpack include a fixed internal watertight section and compression straps. The front panel of the backpack, whether cycling or kayaking helmets. The vented mesh rear panel for maximum comfort. There is a detachable accessory pouch with a shoulder strap. It gives easy access to necessary items for complete watertight security a full ran flap covers the main compartment.

A unique waterproof gear bag is the waterproof waist wallet and pouch.
The function of this bag is its triple compartments that are great for all sports enthusiasts. It features an internal fixed sealed tight closure, a watertight pouch for added protection of larger items and a zippered compartment for easy access items.

A water proof cell phone case that floats is another waterproof bag. It is one hundred percent watertight, it floats, and your cell phone will still receive and send calls. There is also room for spare batteries and fits both left and right antennas. It is submersible without any leakage. These water proof gear bags will protect much of what you can put in them.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lake Champlain, NY Rules of the Waterway

Lake Champlain, NY Rules of the Waterway have rules for giving the right of way to other vessels. Vessels passing head on shall keep to the right. Any vessel overtaking another one may do so on either side but must grant the right of way to the vessel being over-taken. Vessels passing at right angles, the vessel on the left will yield right of way to the vessel on the right. Motor boats though shall yield right of way to non-motor powered boats except in the following situations, when being overtaken by non-powered vessels, for deep draft vessels that have to remain in narrow channels and when a vessel is towing another vessel. Motor boats must maintain a direct course when passing sailboats. There is other right of way rules in the Lake Champlain, NY Rules of the waterway.

The Lake Champlain, NY Rules of the waterway covers the right of way in other situations as well. Any vessel nearing a pier or landing dock will give right of way to any departing vessel. A departing vessel must yield to through traffic and any vessel that is coming up to a shoreline or tributary must allow passage to through traffic and any vessel that is coming up on a shoreline or tributary. No vessel will suddenly alter their course, unless it has been determined that it is safe to do without colliding with any other vessel. If for some reason someone does not understand the intended actions of another boat he must slow down immediately to a speed slow barely strong enough for steering the boat until the other boat passes.
If your vessel is yielding right of way, you need to slow down, stop, reverse, or change your course to avoid collision. The vessel that has the right of was needs to maintain speed and stay on course. If a collision is possible all vessels must slow down or stop or go in reverse until the danger has passed.

Vessels traveling Lake Champlain, NY Rules of the Waterway must issue some kind of warning signal in fog or thick weather. No mechanically propelled vessel will be operated in a circular course around any other vessel or any person swimming. While in narrow channels all boats/vessels should stay o the right of mid-channel. When coming upon another vessel or passing it, a vessel will be operated in such a way and a reasonable speed so that a dangerous wash or wake is not created. No vessel of any type should be operated in such a way as to interfere with the taking off, landing, or taxiing of an aircraft. All vessels must operate at a reasonable speed for any situation and must be kept under complete control by the operator at all times. There will be no speeding with any vessel.
All vessels must keep a minimum of one hundred feet distance from a displayed diver�s flag. Lake Champlain, NY Rules of the Waterway expects all operators to keep a good look out.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All About Sailboat Racing Vancouver,BC

Vancouver, British Columbia offers you a great place to go sailing. It is reasonably priced and you will meet people from Vancouver. The sailing races are very popular. There are several races every week in Vancouver during the summer. There are races for every skill level, even for those who have never sailed before.

The emphasis of sailboat racing Vancouver, BC is that everyone has fun.
Having a sense of humor in an integral part of sailing. There is so need for sailboat experience or racing experience for that matter. The evening races will generally begin around 5:30 p.m. and lasts generally until sunset.

One thing that you can be assured of is that no two races are the same. In fact, oftentimes there will be a bunch of short races compiled as one race. Flexibility is a quality that is also valuable in sailing not just sailboat racing.

Sailboat racing Vancouver BC will take in drop in racers. The drop in races is available. The prizes can vary from day depending on the sponsors of the day. Racers will meet in Granville Island just before start time. Any drop in racers must pay cash. A party follows every race evening. The evening party is for club members to attend.

Be aware of the following things while sailboat racing Vancouver, BC. Races as we previously said, will be different, no two are alike. You can bring food and beverages on board. You should wear light color soled shoes and bring a backpack with rain gear or sun block. Remember to dress in layers. What makes sailboat racing Vancouver BC unique is the fact that the races are all different and no sailing experience or racing experience.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Swift A Military Wave Piercing Catamaran

The United States Navy have discovered the assets and the versatility of a catamaran through the use of wave piercing catamarans. The fact of a catamaran�s ability to slice through the waves was evident. The Navy was looking for a high-speed vessel that would enable them to provide even more support to national security as well as troops serving in other parts of the world. This catamaran has been dubbed The Swift and it is a commissioned wave piercing catamaran.

The three hundred twenty-one foot wave piercing catamaran has a top speed of fifty knots. Since the catamarans hull draws only about eleven feet of water, it makes it ideal for military missions in shallow water. The Swift as it is called left the naval station at Norfolk, Virginia for active duty in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

This unique wave piercing catamaran had onboard about thirty commercial enterprises and command representatives who explained a wide variety of new systems that are on or might be installed on The Swift.
The technology is definitely advanced and complex.

Systems on the wave piercing catamaran range from combat vehicles to small boats. Also, there might be unmanned aerial vehicles for targeting and reconnaissance. Unmanned submersible that would be used for underwater minesweeping might be available on this cat.

There are currently two versions of this wave piercing catamaran. The first is used for mine warfare command and support. The second ship is used for special wartime and marine expeditionary type roles. There are two forty manned crews that are well maintained with one being at The Navy Amphibious Base at Little Creek, Virginia and the other at the Naval Station at Ingleside, Texas.

This wave piercing catamaran has automated controls including a docking system that lets the Swift to tie up without aid of tugs in winds of less than fifty knots. The Navy is exploring all kinds of future uses for this wave piercing catamaran and is considering all kinds of missions for this vessel. This is definitely not a recreational catamaran.