Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waterproof Clothing Bags for Boating

A very important part of your gear should be waterproof clothing bags for boating. Have you ever gotten your clothes wet or had wet bathing suits while on a boat trip and had a problem with storing them? Have you brought your clothes in a bag believing you will have safe, dry clothes only to find out the bag wasn�t waterproof? There are bags that will meet your needs for keeping your clothing dry and there is a place for those wet clothes we mentioned. Again, waterproof clothing bags for boating should be an important part of your gear.

One of the companies who make these waterproof clothing bags for boating is Gill. There are two specific bags that we will be looking at by this company. Then we discuss what to look for in these bags.

The 1007 by Gill is a large sized waterproof clothing bags for boating. The features of this bag are a reinforced base. There is a document pocket in the top flap of the bag. It has padded shoulder straps for comfort while carrying. There are two large end pockets one with drainage for stashing wet clothing. There are two front pockets one with organizers pocket and the previously referred to compartment for wet clothing. The drainage is important for keeping moisture from building up and it protects everything else from getting wet.

The 1008 is a jumbo wet and dry bag waterproof clothing bags for boating. This bag is excellent for extended sailing trips. It is made of heavy duty waterproof nylon fabric with a heavy duty PVC base. The advantage of this bag is it its size.

The features of this waterproof clothing bags for boating are that it has a separate wet clothes compartment. There are large cargo pockets on each end and one of them has drainage so the moisture is not collecting.
The other has an internal zippered security pocket and upright storage for tools or extra gear. The carrying handles are durable webbing and they extend under the bag for extra strength and support.

There are obviously other types of waterproof clothing for boating. You do have to do some checking around for where they are sold. The internet is an excellent source of such items.

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