Monday, December 28, 2009

To Cruise or Not Cruise - Consider Trawler Catamarans

The key features of Trawler Catamarans include quality and safety. There are catamarans that are used for cruising the seas and some catamarans are designed to be used as houseboats. Trawler catamarans are double hulled boats that are held together with rigid framework. They can also be used for fishing. Consider how you are going to use your catamaran and what you would like to have as far the living quarters , furniture, and amenities.

Trawler Catamarans put out four models and they each have unique features. The Highland 35 has two double cabins on the port side and on the starboard side there is another double cabin and a bathroom.
The Highland uses diesel fuel. The Maryland 37 has owner state rooms-doubles, can be used for location charters, some have four double cabins. The Cumberland 44 has four doubles cabins. The Queenland 60 has one owner's suite and three guest suites.

The most important concerns that affect the performance of Trawler Catamarans are the load of the boat (empty, full), the cleanness of the hulls, the cleanness of the propellers, and sea and wind conditions. The load of the boat can affect its speed power; the cleanness of the hulls and the propellers-if they are dirty can reduce the performance of the engine and the power of the boat.

Other concerns that affect Trawler Catamarans performance is air temperature, fuel quality-if the fuel is defective it can cause poor engine performance, filter maintenance-if it is dirty or clogged it could damage the engine, additional equipment on the hull or propellers (probes, ropes, cutters, etc).
Additional equipment on the hulls or propellers could add extra weight to the boat load causing the engine to work harder to move the boat.

Trawler Catamarans can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for cruising, for fishing expeditions, and they can be used as houseboats and can be custom equipped to meet your needs. You can find plans for Trawler Catamarans online if you want to have one custom built. The Trawler Catamarans are amazing vessels and offer you a chance at a wonderful sea adventure.

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