Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Red Cross Swimming and Boating Safety Tips

For years the Red Cross has offered help and made recommendations and in this case we are concerned with swimming and boating safety tips.
These tips are apart from but not limited to the administration of first aid or CPR. The most obvious tip and the most basic of swimming and boating tips is you must learn to swim. There are many organizations that offer swimming lessons for young children all the way to adults. Call around to different places to see if they will be able to help you.

An absolutely crucial swimming and boating tips is to never ever swim alone. This can�t be stressed enough have a swimming buddy at all times whether at the beach or in a pool. Swim only in supervised areas only; you should never swim anywhere where there is not a lifeguard present.

Other swimming and boating tips available to everyone are that they must always obey all rules and any of the posted signs. Alcohol and drugs do not mix with swimming. for a couple of reasons; they impair judgment and coordination. It will negatively affect your swimming skills and diving skills. They can also affect your body�s ability to keep you warm. There are weather tips. For example you want to keep an eye on the local weather. At the first sign of storm, you need to get yourself out of the water immediately. It could be deadly there are undercurrent concerns or the possibility of getting struck by lightning.

Now let us look at swimming and boating tips regarding boating. There is much to consider while boating. Know all of the safety guidelines. This will help keep you and other passengers protected. Know the weather and the risks that are posed to you in the event of a storm or other weather issue. Sudden wind shifts is an example as is lightning and very choppy waters that could all mean there is an approaching storm.

Being sure there is a portable radio available so that the weather can be tracked is one of a valuable swimming and boating safety tips. Bring extra gear and include flash lights, batteries, matches, a map of where you are and flares. Include sun block, a first aid kit, extra sunglasses. Take all gear that needs protection and put it in some type of water tight container that will float. Let somewhere know where you are going, with whom, and how long you will expect to be gone.

The final of the swimming and boating tips is that you must check your boat. Do you have all the proper equipment and is it all in working order?
Make sure everyone has a life jacket. Check the boat�s balance and fuel and water supplies before leaving the dock.

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