Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The History of Trimaran Sailboats

First let�s determine exactly what a trimaran sailboat is. A trimaran is a sailboat that has three side by side hulls. Dragon Fly sailboats feature collapsible outside hulls for efficient docking. Trimarans sailboats are high performance boats.

Trimaran sailboats produced as Dragon Fly trimarans have been around since its founding in 1967 by Borge Quorning. The have made over eight hundred boats ranging in length from sixteen feet to fifty-two feet and have made high tech yachts since 1981. Production concentrated on Dragon Fly Catamarans.

Dragon Fly trimaran sailboats in 1995 the company was turned over to the second generation Jens Quorning. He had been working for the company since he began his apprenticeship in 1978. Today�s design is based on Borge�s fifty years and Jen�s twenty-five years or boating experience. The goal of the company has been to manufacture the best folding trimaran available.

Let�s take a look at three of Dragon Fly�s models of trimaran sailboats.
The first one is the DF 600. It is a fast exciting boat for racing and a safe fun boat for those who want to relax. It has large water tight storage compartments for clothes and camping equipment. The specs for the vessel are as follows: it is twenty feet long with a beam of just under sixteen feet. It weighs approximately five hundred thirty pounds. The draft minimum is approximately eight feet and the draft maximum is approximately just over three feet. The main sail is one hundred sixty-two square feet in length. The jib is fifty-four square feet and the spinnaker is one hundred eighty-three feet.

The trimaran sailboat The Dragon Fly 920 model can reach top speeds of about twenty knots. It�s can reach cruising speeds of twelve to sixteen knots. It has an aggressive sail/ water ratio. The underwater hull design gives it an hydrodynamic lift that produces excellent upwind and light wind sailing. It�s strong and light carbon-fiber mast allows for smoother sailing due to less weight in the rig.

The Dragon Fly 1200 trimaran sailboat is a swing wing ocean cruiser and a high quality cruising trimaran. Foldable trimarans fulfill the demands of the most discerning sailors. The standard boat comes with an inboard diesel engine, an aft, man, and owner�s cabin, a full galley, pressure water, head and sails with a roller furler.

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