Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Buying a Boat? Check Out Used Sailboats for Sale

The decision to buy a boat can be overwhelming and the task a daunting one. You can often find used sailboats for sale in newspapers, on the Internet, and visiting marinas. The purchasing of a boat is a process and it can take patience. There are steps to take in the process of searching for used sailboats for sale.

Used sailboats for sale can also be found in estate sales, auctions, and through brokers. A broker will help you with the entire process up to and including the point of sale. Not wanting to make any assumptions, before you consider purchasing a boat try sailing by going with friends, joining a charter trip, or consider renting a yacht with friends and actually work on the boat.

Now that you are ready to start the process of looking into used sailboats for sale. Check out the boat�s history and if it was a charter yacht its charter history. Check out the owner and check out operation records by the crew. The mechanical and performance histories are important to research. Learn what it will take to put the yacht to sea both in repairs or improvements and what insurance and taxes will cost you. You want to be sure that post-sale expenses do not exceed the actual sale price.

There are terms you should be somewhat familiar with when looking at used sailboats for sale. The power and power speed refers to the performance of the boat. Commercial refers to how the boat was used as opposed to a privately owned yacht. Single and twin can refer to either the size of the beds or the size of the cabins. There are two types of fuel diesel and gas/petrol. Wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass refer to the various materials that parts of the boat may be made of.

Here are a few suggestions to help make the decision process of looking for used boats for sale less overwhelming. Consider hiring a yacht broker, as previously mentioned, they will help right up to the point of sale. Have the boat inspected either by a professional or inspect it yourself. Check for structural flaws, operational issues, and the boat�s state of repair or disrepair. Finally, you should know exactly what you are looking for and what your budget is.

Making the decision is a process and it is not a good idea to rush it. Once you have chosen your boat from among used sailboats for sale, relax, and enjoy the seas. Although sailboats do take a lot of work getting used sailboats for sale could be a boon for you.

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