Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About Solo Greek Sailing

Solo Greek sailing offers you q variety of activities and an even greater variety of places to visit and explore. Bare boating or a Bareboat Charter is one that has no hired captain, hostess, or cook. On a bare boat cruise you will need to have two competent crewmen in total before any company can allow you to rent a vessel. When thinking about a solo Greek sailing trip be sure to know all the requirements such as the aforementioned need to have two competent sailors on a bare boat charter.

While solo Greek sailing, go from island to island village to village, tavern to tavern whenever you want to. Fabulous sailing conditions exist on these beautiful islands. There are a number of parks and the boats have air conditioning, refrigeration, global positioning satellite, generators and autopilot.

Sail the Sardonic Gulf while solo Greek sailing, the Cycads, the Dodecanesse, the Sporades, and the Ionians. All the places have extreme beauty, thousands of sandy beaches, and traditional harbors and ports. Each place is very different.

The best travel times run from April to October. April to June is the tourist season. The winds are variable and there are warm, long sunny days. The Spring sees a lot of flowers and now still cool waters. The months of July and August climate are warm and dry. In September and October is cooler temperature wise and the tourism is decreasing at this point. Longer nights and warmer see temperatures and the winds are dying down now. The Aegean Sea and Greek Isles climate boast of three hundred twenty cloudless days between April and October.

You can pretty much, while solo Greek sailing depend on nothing but blue skies and warm weather. You will undoubtedly experience beauty, relaxation, warm and soothing temperature and a chance to learn new skills and meet new people. You can visit port cities and villages and get to meet �natives� of the Greek Isles. Just remember while planning your solo Greek sailing trip, that you must have two people who are competent to pilot the vessel before any boat rental company can allow you to rent from them.

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