Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sailing and Boating Terms and Definitions

Listing the sailing and boating terms would be very simple but not very beneficial to you the reader. Though this is most definitely not a complete list it is enough to help someone have a very basic understanding of the terms. The sailing and boating terms and their definitions will be listed in groups such A - C, D -F, G - I, and so on.

Sailing and Boating Terms A - C
Aft - toward the stern of the boat
alee - away from the direction of the wind
anchorage - place suitable for anchoring in relation to the wind, seas and
ballast weight - usually metal, placed low on a boat to provide stability.
beam - the greatest width of the boat
boom - free swinging spar attached to the foot of the sail with forward
pivoting in the mast
bow - forward part of the boat
buoy - an anchored float that marks a position on the water or a hazard,
or a shoal and for mooring
catamaran - a multi-hulled boat
centerboard - board that is lowered through a slot in the center line of the
hull to reduce sideways skidding or leeway.

Sailing and Boating Terms D - E
dagger board a board dropped vertically through the hull to prevent
leeway; it can be removed for beaching or sailing downwind
displacement - weight of the water displaced by the a floating vessel
thus a boat�s weight.
draft - depth of water a boat draws

Sailing and Boating Terms K - M
luff - forward edge of a triangular sail; mainsail luff - the portion closest to
the mast
mast - main vertical spar used to support sails and their running rigging
and in turn is supported by standing rigging

Sailing and Boating Terms P, R, S, and T
mooring - an arrangement for securing a boat to a mooring, a buoy, or
a pier.
port - left side of a boat
rigging - lines that hold up the masts and move the sails (standing and
running rigging)

spinnaker - large, triangular and most often symmetrical flown from the
mast in the front of all other sails and the forestay is used for sailing
stem - the most forward vertical structure on the boat
stern - the after part of the boat
tiller - a bar or handle for turning a boats rudder or an outboard motor
transom - the flat or sometimes curved terminating structure of the hull
that helps to keep the boat level.

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