Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crewed Sailing Charters Central America

These sailing charters Central America are crewed charters. The captain and crew provide a full service voyage. It is all inclusive meaning that there are no hidden costs or added on fees after booking. The price includes, all taxes, all meals, all snacks and a complimentary bar. Wine is offered with all dinners; all of this with good service. Sailing charters Central America provides the chance to use all recreational gear including water sport equipment. Other activities such as guided fly fishing or SCUBA diving are available.

Sailing Charters Central America allow guests great input into designing a sailing cruise that matches their needs and preferences. The crew�s focus is on providing great service, and safe, educational adventures in sailing.
Guests have three decisions to make when designing their cruise with the staff. It is recommended you participate in some of the activities though you are not obliged to participate in them all. You can choose from among many offered activities, to be inactive (relax) or to participate in activities that have been arranged by the charter. Let�s take a look at the choices to see what fun awaits you.

You can choose such activities as the navigation and sailing -helping to steer the vessel on your sailing charters Central America. Explore uninhabited islands, go snorkeling and swimming, learn how to identify sea life and go kayaking. There are cooking classes, onshore shopping excursions, sport and fly fishing and you can create your own tropical drinks.

If you choose to do a lot of relaxing while on your sailing charters Central America you have the option of lying in a hammock reading a book, unwind in your cabin, browse through the ship�s CD collection, watch a movie or learn how to string shells and beads. You can paint a picture, watch a sunset and count the stars as they come out.

The activities that are arranged by your sailing charters Central America include scuba diving, diving instruction, visiting a butterfly preserve and/or a Jaguar and Iguana Preserve. You can study history while you explore the Mayan Ruins, go on Monkey River trips, deep sea fish, or enjoy salt water fly fishing. The possibilities are almost endless on sailing charters Central America.

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