Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sailing Texas South Coast Charter

Sailing Texas South Coast Charter will provide you with a variety of options. The first type of charter you could consider is a sailing Charter. Within sailing charters there are also options. You can either have crewed charter meaning you will have a captain and crew who in some cases will allow you to assist with almost any duty on the ship including piloting the vessel. You can, if you are qualified and can prove your qualifications, have a bareboat charter while Sailing Texas South Coast Charter in which you would quite literally be the �captain of your ship�.

You can rent a sailing Texas South Coast charter from a half day to a week and sometimes longer. Crewed excursions are captained by USCG (United States Coast Guard) licensed officers. All boats in this charter are maintained in first class condition. Galveston Bay provides good air to sail and a variety of things to do and see on land or at sea. It is located at Kemah Board Walk near fun family activities and plenty of nightlife as well. There are clubs and bars as well as other unique entertainment options.

Team Building Events are offered while sailing Texas South Coast Charter.
Bring your team along to have fun and involve them in various activities including the charter and this will help bring them together. Activities are directed toward placing people in situations where success is dependent on working together to achieve a particular goal.

When considering sailing Texas South Coast Charter Texas, the American Sailing Association has classes and it is a gateway sailing school. ASA training train faculty instructions offshore and bay sailors with backgrounds in racing and sailing and they are also ASA and USCG certified.

Fishing Charters are a fun way to sailing Texas South Coast Charters. The captains are USCG licensed, and are knowledgeable of local fishing area. This will give you the best chance to catch that huge speckled trout or red fish. Also being offered are boat deliveries such as when you need to move your boat to a new venue for the season or to bring it to a new home.

Sailing Texas South Coast Charters offer so many options and challenges that could include sharing in the duties of running the vessel. There are so many things to do and see you will never be at a loss for something to do. So have fun sailing Texas South Coast Charters and renew your spirit.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sailing in Boston, Massachusetts Water Tours and Cruises

You have heard of sailing in Boston and although it is city has a lot to offer.
The well-known Boston Duck Tours are a favorite of many. The duck tours are given aboard an actual World War II amphibious landing vehicle. While on the tour you will see The Massachusetts Statehouse, the famed Fleet Center, The Boston Common, Newbury Street, and the Prudential Tower. Also while on the tours you will see Bunker Hill and the Big Dig while sailing in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sailing in Boston will also offer you a Boston Harbor Whale Watching tour. On this tour you are virtually guaranteed a whale sighting on this three hour cruise. The high speed catamarans that take you to the whales will give you many opportunities for photographing the whales, with mouth gaping sightings.

You can take the Boston Harbor Sunset Cruise while sailing Boston, Massachusetts. The tour runs for approximately ninety minutes. It is narrated and combines the history of the Historic Sightseeing Cruise with the beauty of the Boston Harbor sunset. You will likely see Griffons Wharf which is the site of the Boston Tea Party, and get a distant view of oldest lighthouse in North America. You will also get to see The USS Constitution�s sunset cannon serenade.

While sailing Boston, Massachusetts do not skip this USS Constitution Tour.
It is a ninety minute sightseeing tour to the Charlestown Shipyard to take a tour of the oldest and most famous World War II warship. It is still commissioned to active duty as a war ship and is manned by active sailors. You can get off and explore the attractions and other vessels.

Sailing Boston, Massachusetts will bring you to sites of great historical significance. You will get to see The USS Constitution a ship that still maintains active duty status. One can actually go to Griffon�s Wharf, the exact spot the Boston Tea Party occurred. It is amazing to think while sailing Boston, Massachusetts , of all that happened there that gave us the freedom we enjoy in this country.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crewed Sailing Charters Central America

These sailing charters Central America are crewed charters. The captain and crew provide a full service voyage. It is all inclusive meaning that there are no hidden costs or added on fees after booking. The price includes, all taxes, all meals, all snacks and a complimentary bar. Wine is offered with all dinners; all of this with good service. Sailing charters Central America provides the chance to use all recreational gear including water sport equipment. Other activities such as guided fly fishing or SCUBA diving are available.

Sailing Charters Central America allow guests great input into designing a sailing cruise that matches their needs and preferences. The crew�s focus is on providing great service, and safe, educational adventures in sailing.
Guests have three decisions to make when designing their cruise with the staff. It is recommended you participate in some of the activities though you are not obliged to participate in them all. You can choose from among many offered activities, to be inactive (relax) or to participate in activities that have been arranged by the charter. Let�s take a look at the choices to see what fun awaits you.

You can choose such activities as the navigation and sailing -helping to steer the vessel on your sailing charters Central America. Explore uninhabited islands, go snorkeling and swimming, learn how to identify sea life and go kayaking. There are cooking classes, onshore shopping excursions, sport and fly fishing and you can create your own tropical drinks.

If you choose to do a lot of relaxing while on your sailing charters Central America you have the option of lying in a hammock reading a book, unwind in your cabin, browse through the ship�s CD collection, watch a movie or learn how to string shells and beads. You can paint a picture, watch a sunset and count the stars as they come out.

The activities that are arranged by your sailing charters Central America include scuba diving, diving instruction, visiting a butterfly preserve and/or a Jaguar and Iguana Preserve. You can study history while you explore the Mayan Ruins, go on Monkey River trips, deep sea fish, or enjoy salt water fly fishing. The possibilities are almost endless on sailing charters Central America.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sailing and Boating Terms and Definitions

Listing the sailing and boating terms would be very simple but not very beneficial to you the reader. Though this is most definitely not a complete list it is enough to help someone have a very basic understanding of the terms. The sailing and boating terms and their definitions will be listed in groups such A - C, D -F, G - I, and so on.

Sailing and Boating Terms A - C
Aft - toward the stern of the boat
alee - away from the direction of the wind
anchorage - place suitable for anchoring in relation to the wind, seas and
ballast weight - usually metal, placed low on a boat to provide stability.
beam - the greatest width of the boat
boom - free swinging spar attached to the foot of the sail with forward
pivoting in the mast
bow - forward part of the boat
buoy - an anchored float that marks a position on the water or a hazard,
or a shoal and for mooring
catamaran - a multi-hulled boat
centerboard - board that is lowered through a slot in the center line of the
hull to reduce sideways skidding or leeway.

Sailing and Boating Terms D - E
dagger board a board dropped vertically through the hull to prevent
leeway; it can be removed for beaching or sailing downwind
displacement - weight of the water displaced by the a floating vessel
thus a boat�s weight.
draft - depth of water a boat draws

Sailing and Boating Terms K - M
luff - forward edge of a triangular sail; mainsail luff - the portion closest to
the mast
mast - main vertical spar used to support sails and their running rigging
and in turn is supported by standing rigging

Sailing and Boating Terms P, R, S, and T
mooring - an arrangement for securing a boat to a mooring, a buoy, or
a pier.
port - left side of a boat
rigging - lines that hold up the masts and move the sails (standing and
running rigging)

spinnaker - large, triangular and most often symmetrical flown from the
mast in the front of all other sails and the forestay is used for sailing
stem - the most forward vertical structure on the boat
stern - the after part of the boat
tiller - a bar or handle for turning a boats rudder or an outboard motor
transom - the flat or sometimes curved terminating structure of the hull
that helps to keep the boat level.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Polar Diagrams For Sailing

Polar diagrams for sailing are used to improve your ability to sail your boat downwind. The use of polar diagrams means the less time on the water when going long distances and less exposure to the weather. It also mean less chances of running into a storm. On a day sail it could mean getting back to port before the wind dies down.

The basic strategy for the use of polar diagrams for sailing is similar to that of sailing upwind. It is the game of boat speed versus the wind angle. A shorter sailing route directly downwind with a deeper wind angle which makes for less speed. The other option is you can make it even more exciting by jibbing in a zigzag course which would make you sail faster to make up for the fact you have to cover more total distance.

Polar diagrams for sailing has the pinchers and footers going windward. Though opinions very on the race course, both types of sailors arrive at the water mark together. Going dead downwind is always slower than jibbing.

When using polar diagrams for sailing you must know how to use the trim and use it often. The healer trim is used the same way even if you are short handed. You need to pay attention to the spinnaker, your cruise chute or your Genoa. Adjust it and steer the boat when it is properly trimmed. Pay attention to the boat and how she is sailing by monitoring the pressure on the Sheets.

There is so much more to consider when using polar diagrams for sailing, such as your instrumentation skills and your luff curl. If your skills are up to par, focus on the following three things. Concentrate on your true wind speed; your boat speed, and your true wind angle.

Polar diagrams for sailing you have the optimum wind angle to steer for a given wind speed to get downwind the fastest. Look at the wind speed curve for the place that projects furthest to the bottom of the diagram. Note that the lower the wind speed the further up one must head to maintain optimum.

Try to keep the following in mind when sailing downwind and you are using polar diagrams for sailing. The first thing to consider is that you must adjust your courses wind angle to optimize your speed versus distance trade off. The second thing to consider is that you must pay attention to the pressure on the sails as felt by the sheets. The third thing is that you must not over trim your sails, especially the spinnaker Genoa.
The fourth and final consideration is that you must develop a feel for the boat and the wind by turning off the instrument systems to develop your instincts. The proper use of your polar diagrams for sailing and knowing your boat will help you to be a successful sailor.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Large Private Yachts, What Are They Exactly?

Have you ever wondered what makes yachts large private yachts? I can give you information on what it is not more than what it actually is. It is not on charter. It is also does not carry passengers for hire. They are not engaged in commerce. Large private yachts are however used solely for the pleasure and recreational purposes of the owner.

Living on an island I have seen some very large private yachts come into port. The vessels are large and beautiful bordering on majestic looking.
The interior of these vessels would rival some of the most well known mansions. They would rival the most luxurious of homes ever seen.

Corporations can own large private yachts. The persons on board can be employees, officers of the company, or they can be shareholders of the company. They could also be members of the immediate family of the owner. The persons on board could also be the owner�s friends.

Owners of large private yachts may have a trust or ownership arrangement. This means that the persons on board are beneficiaries under the trust or beneficial ownership arrangement. They could also be friends or immediate family. They could also be members of the company, stockholders, or other employees.

Others that use large private yachts are groups not included in the previously mentioned groups. They are persons who have been given permission to use the yacht for a certain amount of time, if it�s in private use. The permission to use the yacht must be received directly from the owner.

Large private yachts are impressive to say the least. How they are used will often dictate how they will be classified. We have been discussing what makes large private yachts private. We now know that they are not involved in commerce or trade. They are not used on charters. They are also not involved in commerce. They are private because they are used only for the pleasure and recreational purposes of the owner. All registration and usage information must be checked out before you depart for your destination on a large private yacht.