Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roger Hill Power Catamarans

While living in New Zealand Roger Hill, creator of Roger Hill Power Catamarans bought and restored an old dinghy. He wanted to be a boat designer but rather he studied architectural drafting. Years passed and he left architectural drafting to become a boat designer and he eventually created Roger Hill power catamarans.

This precipitated the creation of Roger Hill power catamarans. Bruce Farr and Peter Walker began designing centerboard IOR boats. Hill later moved to Annapolis with Bruce Farr for approximately two years. Hill participated in races in Annapolis and Newport. He left for the United Kingdom and began drawing boats for Robert Humphries. Hill and Humphries had the winning boat, the Jade for the 1985 One Ton Cup in Poole.

In 1995 Hill, creator of Roger Hill catamarans, while working at Sensation Yacht, boat builder Grant Mitchell had a client whom needed a designer and he approached Hill. The end result of this was Life a forty-eight foot power catamaran. This was Hill�s first independent design and the first of Roger Hill power catamarans.

Another client of Des Townson wanted Hill, creator of Roger Hill power catamarans to design a new thirty-nine foot sailing yacht. It would be a cedar, ply, and foam hybrid called Cabelero. Within days he was approached by someone else to design a sailing catamaran and decided to create his own design for this client.

Roger Hill, the designer of Roger Hill power catamarans, believes in listening to his clients. This he says this is part of his success. His clients write down their ideas. Then he meets with the clients to work out any possible difficulties or conflicts. Hill was always putting forth his best effort into each design and did not compromise quality or his professionalism. Involving the clients in this manner, according to Hill�s belief helps them to commit to a design and to their boat. Once the commitment is made, the process goes on until the boat is built and completed with Hill�s skill and the clients input. This is the basic philosophy of Roger Hill power catamarans.

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