Friday, October 16, 2009

Riding in Elegance - A Luxury Motor Yacht Charter

A luxury motor yacht charter is a paid trip on a yacht with a group of friends, business colleagues, or other groups. The charter is scheduled for anywhere from overnight to a week or more. You generally have use of the yacht for that time but there are terms of the charter.

The terms of a luxury motor yacht center are straightforward. Yacht charters have zero tolerance on all yachts. There is to be no drugs whatsoever and absolutely no weapons of every kind. Most have no smoking policies inside the vessels. This however may have changed with the extensive bans of where it is permissible to smoke. If you are a smoker you might want to inquire about this before you pay for your trip.

There are a number of things to consider when thinking about a luxury motor yacht charter. Have you considered that you might need insurance? Since we have already discussed charter terms, insurance is really the next most important concern. There are at least three types of insurance.

The first of the three insurances for luxury motor yacht charter is Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance. This protects you in the event that you need to cancel a charter or if you must leave in the middle trip.
Some companies offer policies that have a medical emergency clause that covers your emergency service and some of your travel expenses.

The second luxury motor yacht charter type of insurance is Charter Liability Insurance. The recommended amount of coverage to seek is $250.00 for a million-dollar policy. The third kind of insurance is advised particularly for foreign travel. It�s an addendum to your health insurance in case of illness or injury.

Safety is another concern in a luxury motor yacht charter. Most charters have video security with monitors in place, motion sensors, and parameter radar with alarms to announce vessels approaching. Charters also have underwater sonar with alarms. Crews are trained for security and are armed, many with military background.

Booking a luxury motor yacht charter is easy and can be done either on the Internet, by contacting travel agencies or actually visiting Charter companies. The booking agent for charters will ask you what you need/want in your cabin, what you food preference are and what activities you would be interested in doing.

There is a lot to consider when booking a luxury motor yacht charter. Determine what kind of insurance you will need, what your budget will be and any other expenses you might have.

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