Friday, October 30, 2009

Reviews of Sailboat Magazines

Sailboat magazines have articles on all phases of sailing from building your boat to launching it and everything in between. The question though is whether or not the information in them is accurate, has enough detail, or grabs the interests of the readers. We will present reviews of three well-known magazines and attempt to give you both sides of the reviews of sailboat magazines.

The first of the sailboat magazines to be reviewed is Sail Magazine and it is said to have expert writing staff and it includes articles of personal adventures and travel. It broadly covers sailing including basic skills and cruising locations. It is said to have good general coverage.

On the other hand this first of the sailboat magazines also has some pitfalls. Some claim there are not enough details, others say there is limited general coverage. It appears some say, that they recycle their articles; they update them and reprints them.

The second of the sailboat magazines is Trailer Boats Magazines. The more positive statements state that there is one issue per year. This issue summarizes the towing capacities of every vehicle made.

On the down side of things, this second of sailboat magazines is not directed to general sailing. It is however, geared only toward bass fisherman and water skiers. This made for a less than favorable review.

The third and final of the sailboat magazines we will review is Boating Life Magazine. The reviews are rather limited in their scope and say things like it has pictures of interesting floating things, good product reviews, good articles and great content.

The downside of the final sailboat magazines is that this magazine does not have any relationship to the reality of boats or women. There are further complaints that the issue isn�t big enough. If you want this to be changed write the editor or publisher of the magazine. If you have any concerns about other sailboat magazines contact the publisher.

As with any of the sailboat magazines, these three in particular offer information of all kinds about sailing, boats, and other related topics.
You can choose sailboat magazines that best suits your interests and needs. Enjoy your reading of any or all of the sailboat magazines.

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