Sunday, October 11, 2009

Planning Maui Sailboats Weddings

You are now planning Maui sailboats Weddings. Imagine having your wedding in the beautiful Maui paradise. Imagine exchanging your vows while traveling from Maui to Lanai under Hawaiian sunsets while guests and the wedding party toast to you and your beloved. A fleet of catamarans will sail across the ocean surface like a flock of doves.
The breathtaking island beauty and clear waters will surround you. While planning Maui sailboats weddings consider this magical paradise.

While planning Maui sailboats weddings you could have a fleet of two or three state of the art catamarans can easily accommodate anywhere from twenty five to one hundred sixty guests in total. The crew will attend to every need and desire.

You will discover while planning Maui sailboats weddings that after the ceremony is completed there will be the traditional toasting to the newlyweds as everyone enjoys the celebration of this marriage at sea as the boat cruises into the harbor at Lanai. Champagne is supplied for the toasts.

You will also discover while planning Maui sailboats weddings that after the boat(s) land the bride and groom lead the guests to an Hawaiian style luau celebration. While guests celebrate the new couple dinner is prepared. Delicious hors d�oeuvres will be served by the crew wearing traditional Hawaiian garb. Beer wine, and Mai Tai�s will also be served while a live local band provides music to get everyone moving.

The food, you will discover while planning Maui sailboats weddings, will be wonderfully delicious and delight the most particular of pallets. It would include Teriyaki Chicken, island fish and steaks all grilled on Kiawe wood, and Hong Kong Stir-fried noodles. There will be veggies and tossed green salads with a secret salad dressing, as well as assorted rolls with butter, fresh Hawaiian pineapple and fruit juices. Deserts will be served with a smile. Dancing and partying continue after dinner until the bride and groom bid aloha to the guests. The guests will continue to enjoy a moonlit cruise back Lahina, Maui while sharing memories of the wonderful celebration that was just enjoyed. While it may have been fun planning Maui sailboats weddings, just think of the fun you would have if it were real.

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