Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Odyssey Radio Control Sailing Yacht

This is a kit to build a radio control sailing yacht. It just fits into the back of your car but it would still look good on the shelf in your office or home.
The detail is fantastic and makes the Odyssey stand out. It is a reproduced 1.25 scaled model of this Benetau Frist 53F5 luxury sailing yacht.

Beauty and grace are evident in the confident lines of this radio control sailing yacht. From the sails and the deck all the way down to the winged keel the workmanship is top quality. You can be proud to take this down to the dock and run it in a race or set it upon a shelf for display.

This radio control sailing yacht has a hull that is blow-molded and a deck that is pre-joined. The keel and the rudder installed to make this boat go together and make it go quickly. The deck stanchions and the bright shiny rails, bow and stern pulpits, and scaled rigging fitting make the Odyssey look like a real sailboat.

The performance of this radio control sailing yacht is enhanced with the ability for you to reef-down the main sail. It is also enhanced by you ability to roll in the jib for high wind conditions that will prevent others from putting their boats in the water. The boat is stable and as was said its sails help to provide smooth movement.

The specs for this radio control sailing yacht called The Odyssey are provided here to give you an idea of the Odyssey. The boat is twenty-four feet eight inches in length (630mm). It has a mast height of forty-one feet three inches (1049mm) and it weighs approximately four pounds (1.8kg).
Control is had by a two channel capacity radio. This radio control sailing yacht is as close to the real thing as you can get. It�s sleek line and advanced design will make your boat and you stand out. This is not a toy model kit. This is for a serious enthusiast of radio controlled sailing.

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