Saturday, October 17, 2009

Navigating Through Marina Del Rey Marina

The Marina Del Rey Marina is located between two jetties that run seaward. They start inside of the detached breakwater that remains parallel to the beach. The north and south ends with the breakwater and the ends of the jetties are marked with lights in the Marina Del Rey Marina.

Shoaling in the Marina Del Rey Marina happens about one hundred feet off of the end of the north jetty and three hundred feet off of the south jetty. All shoaling is marked with buoys. A dredged canal runs northeast for approximately seven tenths of a mile and then turns north for approximately another six tenths of a mile.

At the entrance of the Marina Del Rey Marina the channel has traffic separation lanes that are marked by buoys and say �NO SAIL.� Vessels under power must keep these buoys to the port whether entering or leaving the marina.

Traffic lanes are marked in the Marina Del Rey Marina. The center lane is for vessels under sail only both coming and going from the marina. It is helpful for those going north to sue the north opening and those going south to use the south opening but note that the south opening tends to shoal. Don�t get confused in the fog by the foghorn (ten seconds than two seconds) and the light in the Venice pier.

The Marina Del Rey Marina has specific markings. The north breakwater light gives one white flash every six seconds. The south breakwater light gives two red flashes every six seconds. The north jetty light gives three white flashes every five seconds and the south jetty light gives four red flashes every four seconds.

The Coast Guard mooring buoy in the Marina Del Rey Marina is south of the south jetty inward of the breakwater. The foghorn is on the north jetty which give two 2 second blasts every twenty seconds. The harbor patrol that is run by the Los Angeles County Sheriff�s Department and is located on the east side of the main channel just past the bend from the entrance to the channel; they are on call twenty four hours a day. The Marina Del Rey Marina is well marked out and offers a variety of boating fun.

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