Friday, October 9, 2009

Lightning Class Sailboats

What exactly are lightning class sailboats? They are a three person sailboat with a mainsail, a foresail, and a spinnaker. These sailboats are used in racing, however before anyone considers racing they must get at least a basic understanding of sailing. The lightning is a terrific racing boat.

The stability of the lightning class sailboats is excellent and skippers have been known to go for years without capsizing in these boats. When sailing in a lightning you will get some water spray. It will hold up to 6-8 adults for a relaxing sail and picnic lunch.

Sailors of the lightning class sailboats are not required to take down the mast and rigging every time. It is an easy boat to sail and has more than five controls for adjusting the sails. This would, I think, make the lightning easy to sail. It is rigged and operated in much the same way as larger boats and is known to be use in crew training.

if you are considering the purchase of a new lightning class sailboat, you can expect to pay approximately sixteen thousand dollars. If you are looking for a used lightning class sailboat be sure it is �dry-sailed� that is that the boat is stored on land and off the ground. It should also be covered. The weight must be about seven hundred pounds with the mast, boom, and fully rigged. It should not be more than a few pounds over seven hundred pounds, the minimum required weight).

There are absolutely no bad characteristics of the lightning class sailboat. It has perfect balance, easy entry and provides a clean run. If an extra passenger or two comes aboard the weight can be handled without dragging the transom. It does not submarine before the wind or broach in a gibe. Your hand is not glued to the tiller. The size and the stability tends to draw people into this class. As we move toward the future The lightning class sailboat will continue to draw men, women, and children, as well as the occasional family cat or dog.

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