Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Hunter 37 Sailboat Cutter Specifications and Reviews

Let�s take a look at this sailboat cutter�s specs and later you will see some very brief reviews of the Hunter 37. The Hunter 37 was built between the years of 1978 and 1986. Its LOA is thirty-seven feet, its LWL is thirty feet and its beam is eleven feet ten inches. Displacement is 17,800 pounds, its ballast is 700 pounds and its sail area is 710 square feet. Its mast height is fifty feet and the headroom is six feet four inches. Its water capacity is 100 gallons with a fuel capacity of forty-four gallons. Let�s take a look at more specs for the sailboat cutter.

The sailboat cutter called the Hunter 37 has an auxiliary power of twenty-seven horsepower. I is 46 feet six inches, the J is seventeen feet, the P is thirty-nine feet eight inches, and E is thirteen feet. The keel material is lead. A two blade prop size is 15 x 16 and the three blade prop size to the Hunter 37 is not applicable. Its shaft size is one inch by fifty-two inches.

The performance ratios for this sail boat cutter are as follows: the hull speed in knots is 7.3, the displacement to length ratio is 287, the sail area to displacement ratio is 18.0 and the capsize screen is 1.91. Now let�s take a look at the reviews. In looking them over, reviews from four years were chosen and will be discussed.

Sailboat cutter reviews of the Hunter 37 in 1979 state that the boat was used for racing. It is great for living aboard it and has a separate shore asset. In 1982 reviews stated that it is easy to sail, it has good livability, and its v-berth and head (bathroom) are definitely plusses. In 1985 information was a little more forthcoming and it is said to be well balanced, easy to handle but is a little slow in light air. It is very comfortable. The head includes two anti-siphon vents. It is very functional spacious, and private. The final review from 2002 states it is used for coastal cruising, it cruises like a dream, and is perfect for someone who is six feet four inches tall. The only problem noted is that older boats have portholes that leak. It is also reported that customer support is not that great. The sailboat cutter the Hunter 37 has received overwhelming approval and acceptance by consumers.


  1. You stated hull speed at 7.3 knots, in fresh air, I do over 9 knots. Not sure why it is valued so low, but it helped me afford this capable vessel.