Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About Live Aboard Catamarans

Live aboard catamarans have fiberglass hulls with bottom planing surfaces and design that lets it lift up over rough water. The rectangular shaped hulls provide more stability whether its anchored or underway. live aboard catamarans are terrific for longer sailing trips.

The advantages to live aboard catamarans include the fact there are no bilges to collect water or gas fumes. They also have a smoother ride and more stability. Catamaran twin hulls cut through the water in two places and this smoothes out the rough water. It also reduces any kind of bobbing motion.

The fiberglass hulls of live aboard catamarans will not rust or corrode. They won�t be affected by the salt either. The hulls can be easily repaired. Fiber glass can be molded into desired shapes producing strong performance characteristics. An amazing fact about fiber glass is that pound for pound it is stronger than aluminum or steel.

The passenger comforts of live aboard catamarans are many. There is more useable space, flat and open front and rear decks, and an upper sun deck. All rails are enclosed for safety. Cabins are designed to allow passengers to get the maximum use out of all available space. The single level floor design offers more convenience and eliminates space wasting stairs.

Live aboard catamarans offer a unique opportunity to be able to live on your boat while at sea. When considering one, consider first your budget. Then think about how many people you will need to accommodate. Be sure there is at least one head for the crew and at least one other for passengers. The design lends itself to providing more space and a smoother ride. The extra space allows for more storage areas, lockers, and if you choose a full galley (kitchen). Technology now allows for onboard computers, televisions, and entertainment systems. If you are buying a manufactured boat or a custom built one you have options.

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