Friday, October 30, 2009

Reviews of Sailboat Magazines

Sailboat magazines have articles on all phases of sailing from building your boat to launching it and everything in between. The question though is whether or not the information in them is accurate, has enough detail, or grabs the interests of the readers. We will present reviews of three well-known magazines and attempt to give you both sides of the reviews of sailboat magazines.

The first of the sailboat magazines to be reviewed is Sail Magazine and it is said to have expert writing staff and it includes articles of personal adventures and travel. It broadly covers sailing including basic skills and cruising locations. It is said to have good general coverage.

On the other hand this first of the sailboat magazines also has some pitfalls. Some claim there are not enough details, others say there is limited general coverage. It appears some say, that they recycle their articles; they update them and reprints them.

The second of the sailboat magazines is Trailer Boats Magazines. The more positive statements state that there is one issue per year. This issue summarizes the towing capacities of every vehicle made.

On the down side of things, this second of sailboat magazines is not directed to general sailing. It is however, geared only toward bass fisherman and water skiers. This made for a less than favorable review.

The third and final of the sailboat magazines we will review is Boating Life Magazine. The reviews are rather limited in their scope and say things like it has pictures of interesting floating things, good product reviews, good articles and great content.

The downside of the final sailboat magazines is that this magazine does not have any relationship to the reality of boats or women. There are further complaints that the issue isn�t big enough. If you want this to be changed write the editor or publisher of the magazine. If you have any concerns about other sailboat magazines contact the publisher.

As with any of the sailboat magazines, these three in particular offer information of all kinds about sailing, boats, and other related topics.
You can choose sailboat magazines that best suits your interests and needs. Enjoy your reading of any or all of the sailboat magazines.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Hunter 37 Sailboat Cutter Specifications and Reviews

Let�s take a look at this sailboat cutter�s specs and later you will see some very brief reviews of the Hunter 37. The Hunter 37 was built between the years of 1978 and 1986. Its LOA is thirty-seven feet, its LWL is thirty feet and its beam is eleven feet ten inches. Displacement is 17,800 pounds, its ballast is 700 pounds and its sail area is 710 square feet. Its mast height is fifty feet and the headroom is six feet four inches. Its water capacity is 100 gallons with a fuel capacity of forty-four gallons. Let�s take a look at more specs for the sailboat cutter.

The sailboat cutter called the Hunter 37 has an auxiliary power of twenty-seven horsepower. I is 46 feet six inches, the J is seventeen feet, the P is thirty-nine feet eight inches, and E is thirteen feet. The keel material is lead. A two blade prop size is 15 x 16 and the three blade prop size to the Hunter 37 is not applicable. Its shaft size is one inch by fifty-two inches.

The performance ratios for this sail boat cutter are as follows: the hull speed in knots is 7.3, the displacement to length ratio is 287, the sail area to displacement ratio is 18.0 and the capsize screen is 1.91. Now let�s take a look at the reviews. In looking them over, reviews from four years were chosen and will be discussed.

Sailboat cutter reviews of the Hunter 37 in 1979 state that the boat was used for racing. It is great for living aboard it and has a separate shore asset. In 1982 reviews stated that it is easy to sail, it has good livability, and its v-berth and head (bathroom) are definitely plusses. In 1985 information was a little more forthcoming and it is said to be well balanced, easy to handle but is a little slow in light air. It is very comfortable. The head includes two anti-siphon vents. It is very functional spacious, and private. The final review from 2002 states it is used for coastal cruising, it cruises like a dream, and is perfect for someone who is six feet four inches tall. The only problem noted is that older boats have portholes that leak. It is also reported that customer support is not that great. The sailboat cutter the Hunter 37 has received overwhelming approval and acceptance by consumers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finding A Sail Boat Rental Maryland

There are several places where you can get a Sail boat Rental Maryland. For our purposes we will look at just three and compare them. Fantasy Sails allows you to sail the Chesapeake Bay either bare boated or with a captain. The Fantasy II is a Gemini 3000 Catamaran that sleeps six in three private cabins. A one way rental option is available that will keep you from having to return the boat to its home port. This is a very convenient feature to only one of a Sail boat Rental Maryland.

Sail Time Annapolis is the second of a Sail boat Rental Maryland that we will look at. This charter company provides fractional sailing. Fractional sailing is when a boat is shared by seven members and an owner member. Each member gets at least two weekend sail times and five weekday/night sail times per month. Each sailing member is allowed unlimited "as available" use on 24 hour notice at no extra cost. This is very similar to a condominium time share program You can sail a 2005 Hunter 33 footer out of Port Annapolis Marina for as little as $495.00 a month.

The third Sail boat Rental Maryland is Able Body Charters. This charter is open all year round, Monday through Friday, and weekends during the season. This allows for a wide variety of the types of charters that are available to you.

There is a fourth Sail boat Rental Maryland called the Sound Sailing Center. It has inventive ways for someone to get involved in sailing. Its teaching methods are hands-on, on the water, and with fewer students than in other schools. All instructors are United States Certified in sailing instruction.

These four out of the many Sail boat Rental Maryland are unique unto themselves and together offer you many types of charters/rentals to pick from. Not everybody uses the same models of sailboats so there is a range of vessel types and styles from which to choose as well. A Sail boat Rental Maryland will give you an exciting adventure on the water.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roger Hill Power Catamarans

While living in New Zealand Roger Hill, creator of Roger Hill Power Catamarans bought and restored an old dinghy. He wanted to be a boat designer but rather he studied architectural drafting. Years passed and he left architectural drafting to become a boat designer and he eventually created Roger Hill power catamarans.

This precipitated the creation of Roger Hill power catamarans. Bruce Farr and Peter Walker began designing centerboard IOR boats. Hill later moved to Annapolis with Bruce Farr for approximately two years. Hill participated in races in Annapolis and Newport. He left for the United Kingdom and began drawing boats for Robert Humphries. Hill and Humphries had the winning boat, the Jade for the 1985 One Ton Cup in Poole.

In 1995 Hill, creator of Roger Hill catamarans, while working at Sensation Yacht, boat builder Grant Mitchell had a client whom needed a designer and he approached Hill. The end result of this was Life a forty-eight foot power catamaran. This was Hill�s first independent design and the first of Roger Hill power catamarans.

Another client of Des Townson wanted Hill, creator of Roger Hill power catamarans to design a new thirty-nine foot sailing yacht. It would be a cedar, ply, and foam hybrid called Cabelero. Within days he was approached by someone else to design a sailing catamaran and decided to create his own design for this client.

Roger Hill, the designer of Roger Hill power catamarans, believes in listening to his clients. This he says this is part of his success. His clients write down their ideas. Then he meets with the clients to work out any possible difficulties or conflicts. Hill was always putting forth his best effort into each design and did not compromise quality or his professionalism. Involving the clients in this manner, according to Hill�s belief helps them to commit to a design and to their boat. Once the commitment is made, the process goes on until the boat is built and completed with Hill�s skill and the clients input. This is the basic philosophy of Roger Hill power catamarans.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Odyssey Radio Control Sailing Yacht

This is a kit to build a radio control sailing yacht. It just fits into the back of your car but it would still look good on the shelf in your office or home.
The detail is fantastic and makes the Odyssey stand out. It is a reproduced 1.25 scaled model of this Benetau Frist 53F5 luxury sailing yacht.

Beauty and grace are evident in the confident lines of this radio control sailing yacht. From the sails and the deck all the way down to the winged keel the workmanship is top quality. You can be proud to take this down to the dock and run it in a race or set it upon a shelf for display.

This radio control sailing yacht has a hull that is blow-molded and a deck that is pre-joined. The keel and the rudder installed to make this boat go together and make it go quickly. The deck stanchions and the bright shiny rails, bow and stern pulpits, and scaled rigging fitting make the Odyssey look like a real sailboat.

The performance of this radio control sailing yacht is enhanced with the ability for you to reef-down the main sail. It is also enhanced by you ability to roll in the jib for high wind conditions that will prevent others from putting their boats in the water. The boat is stable and as was said its sails help to provide smooth movement.

The specs for this radio control sailing yacht called The Odyssey are provided here to give you an idea of the Odyssey. The boat is twenty-four feet eight inches in length (630mm). It has a mast height of forty-one feet three inches (1049mm) and it weighs approximately four pounds (1.8kg).
Control is had by a two channel capacity radio. This radio control sailing yacht is as close to the real thing as you can get. It�s sleek line and advanced design will make your boat and you stand out. This is not a toy model kit. This is for a serious enthusiast of radio controlled sailing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Powerboat Yacht Vacation Bahamas

You will cruise the central Bahamas and the Outer Islands on the powerboat yacht vacation Bahamas. The cruising atmosphere is a casual one. You can relax in hammock, lounge on deck with a book or you can choose to move and go fishing, scuba diving, or relax on the beach of this beautiful tropical paradise. The powerboat yacht vacation Bahamas

Powerboat yacht vacations Bahamas includes deluxe meals, beverages, the use of water sports equipment and full crew services. Guided tours are offered onshore and in the waters as you sail the Bahamas. Go to your crew and captain for any of your needs. There is snorkeling, scuba diving, and the opportunity to see the beauty of the beaches and get to know the locals, when you go onshore to shop or visit the night clubs and casinos.

The cruise you will take on your powerboat yacht vacation Bahamas you will explore the Exuma Keys. It starts in Nassau down to Exuma Island Chain year round and is a yacht playground. There are tropical reefs and a great variety of marine life to see and explore.

The five day cruise while on your powerboat yacht vacation Bahamas offers snorkeling in pristine tropical reefs. You can catch some exotic fish while deep sea fishing or roam deserted beaches. You can also visit local casinos. Your catch would become that days lunch or dinner. The food aboard ship is prepared by an executive chef.

Part of your powerboat yacht vacation Bahamas will take you to the Out Islands. You will depart from Georgetown, Great Exuma and experience nature in breath taking scenes. Fish in the deep blue waters and discover underwater life while snorkeling. Visit the islands of Long Cay, Rum Cay, Cat Island, Eleuthera, or San Salvador and returns to Georgetown. The powerboat yacht vacation Bahamas offers your soul solace, your body some rest and good food, and the chance to experience tropical sunsets.
You will have multiple activities to choose from and a caring crew to assist you and meet your needs. Relax, enjoy time in paradise.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Information on Port Aransas Boating

Among the many things to do while visiting Port Aransas. It is located thirty minutes outside of Corpus Christi Texas check out the information on Port Aransas boating. Did you know that there are a variety of tours and cruises you could take? There are scenic cruises and tours you can take by boat that are very popular. Port Aransas Boating offers a wealth of fun, check it out.

There are three types of cruises available with Port Aransas Boating. Bird
watching and nature tours excite many people due to the chance of seeing wild life and other creatures indigenous to Port Aransas. A Bay fishing cruise is available. Bird watching tours are available as are chartered fishing, jet skiing, and more. A full line of bait and tackle for bay or off-shore fishing.

Port Aransas Boating offers so much more. You can take a sailboat ride, go jet skiing as was mentioned, go parasailing, or you can choose to relax and watch the boats come and go. Every year there are private and open fishing tournaments. Charters for offices, groups, or company outings are available.

If you are looking at Port Aransas boating take a look at Fisherman�s Wharf. There are party boats, family and company boat trips available
to choose from. They require some planning ahead so be sure to keep this in mind.

As part of Port Aransas Boating you can enjoy unique entertainment and enjoy experiences that include casino action. There will be fine dining and live entertainment. The question is this: will you cruise the Gulf of Mexico in a spacious luxurious yacht or a grand ocean liner. Think about it either way you are in for a treat.

The Port Aransas Boating really has a great variety of activities available for almost any particular mood. If you are more about relaxing and just taking it slow, you can do that. If you are about being active, going fishing, or enjoying nature watches you can do that too. Consider Port Aransas Boating when planning your next vacation. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Navigating Through Marina Del Rey Marina

The Marina Del Rey Marina is located between two jetties that run seaward. They start inside of the detached breakwater that remains parallel to the beach. The north and south ends with the breakwater and the ends of the jetties are marked with lights in the Marina Del Rey Marina.

Shoaling in the Marina Del Rey Marina happens about one hundred feet off of the end of the north jetty and three hundred feet off of the south jetty. All shoaling is marked with buoys. A dredged canal runs northeast for approximately seven tenths of a mile and then turns north for approximately another six tenths of a mile.

At the entrance of the Marina Del Rey Marina the channel has traffic separation lanes that are marked by buoys and say �NO SAIL.� Vessels under power must keep these buoys to the port whether entering or leaving the marina.

Traffic lanes are marked in the Marina Del Rey Marina. The center lane is for vessels under sail only both coming and going from the marina. It is helpful for those going north to sue the north opening and those going south to use the south opening but note that the south opening tends to shoal. Don�t get confused in the fog by the foghorn (ten seconds than two seconds) and the light in the Venice pier.

The Marina Del Rey Marina has specific markings. The north breakwater light gives one white flash every six seconds. The south breakwater light gives two red flashes every six seconds. The north jetty light gives three white flashes every five seconds and the south jetty light gives four red flashes every four seconds.

The Coast Guard mooring buoy in the Marina Del Rey Marina is south of the south jetty inward of the breakwater. The foghorn is on the north jetty which give two 2 second blasts every twenty seconds. The harbor patrol that is run by the Los Angeles County Sheriff�s Department and is located on the east side of the main channel just past the bend from the entrance to the channel; they are on call twenty four hours a day. The Marina Del Rey Marina is well marked out and offers a variety of boating fun.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Riding in Elegance - A Luxury Motor Yacht Charter

A luxury motor yacht charter is a paid trip on a yacht with a group of friends, business colleagues, or other groups. The charter is scheduled for anywhere from overnight to a week or more. You generally have use of the yacht for that time but there are terms of the charter.

The terms of a luxury motor yacht center are straightforward. Yacht charters have zero tolerance on all yachts. There is to be no drugs whatsoever and absolutely no weapons of every kind. Most have no smoking policies inside the vessels. This however may have changed with the extensive bans of where it is permissible to smoke. If you are a smoker you might want to inquire about this before you pay for your trip.

There are a number of things to consider when thinking about a luxury motor yacht charter. Have you considered that you might need insurance? Since we have already discussed charter terms, insurance is really the next most important concern. There are at least three types of insurance.

The first of the three insurances for luxury motor yacht charter is Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance. This protects you in the event that you need to cancel a charter or if you must leave in the middle trip.
Some companies offer policies that have a medical emergency clause that covers your emergency service and some of your travel expenses.

The second luxury motor yacht charter type of insurance is Charter Liability Insurance. The recommended amount of coverage to seek is $250.00 for a million-dollar policy. The third kind of insurance is advised particularly for foreign travel. It�s an addendum to your health insurance in case of illness or injury.

Safety is another concern in a luxury motor yacht charter. Most charters have video security with monitors in place, motion sensors, and parameter radar with alarms to announce vessels approaching. Charters also have underwater sonar with alarms. Crews are trained for security and are armed, many with military background.

Booking a luxury motor yacht charter is easy and can be done either on the Internet, by contacting travel agencies or actually visiting Charter companies. The booking agent for charters will ask you what you need/want in your cabin, what you food preference are and what activities you would be interested in doing.

There is a lot to consider when booking a luxury motor yacht charter. Determine what kind of insurance you will need, what your budget will be and any other expenses you might have.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About Live Aboard Catamarans

Live aboard catamarans have fiberglass hulls with bottom planing surfaces and design that lets it lift up over rough water. The rectangular shaped hulls provide more stability whether its anchored or underway. live aboard catamarans are terrific for longer sailing trips.

The advantages to live aboard catamarans include the fact there are no bilges to collect water or gas fumes. They also have a smoother ride and more stability. Catamaran twin hulls cut through the water in two places and this smoothes out the rough water. It also reduces any kind of bobbing motion.

The fiberglass hulls of live aboard catamarans will not rust or corrode. They won�t be affected by the salt either. The hulls can be easily repaired. Fiber glass can be molded into desired shapes producing strong performance characteristics. An amazing fact about fiber glass is that pound for pound it is stronger than aluminum or steel.

The passenger comforts of live aboard catamarans are many. There is more useable space, flat and open front and rear decks, and an upper sun deck. All rails are enclosed for safety. Cabins are designed to allow passengers to get the maximum use out of all available space. The single level floor design offers more convenience and eliminates space wasting stairs.

Live aboard catamarans offer a unique opportunity to be able to live on your boat while at sea. When considering one, consider first your budget. Then think about how many people you will need to accommodate. Be sure there is at least one head for the crew and at least one other for passengers. The design lends itself to providing more space and a smoother ride. The extra space allows for more storage areas, lockers, and if you choose a full galley (kitchen). Technology now allows for onboard computers, televisions, and entertainment systems. If you are buying a manufactured boat or a custom built one you have options.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Planning Maui Sailboats Weddings

You are now planning Maui sailboats Weddings. Imagine having your wedding in the beautiful Maui paradise. Imagine exchanging your vows while traveling from Maui to Lanai under Hawaiian sunsets while guests and the wedding party toast to you and your beloved. A fleet of catamarans will sail across the ocean surface like a flock of doves.
The breathtaking island beauty and clear waters will surround you. While planning Maui sailboats weddings consider this magical paradise.

While planning Maui sailboats weddings you could have a fleet of two or three state of the art catamarans can easily accommodate anywhere from twenty five to one hundred sixty guests in total. The crew will attend to every need and desire.

You will discover while planning Maui sailboats weddings that after the ceremony is completed there will be the traditional toasting to the newlyweds as everyone enjoys the celebration of this marriage at sea as the boat cruises into the harbor at Lanai. Champagne is supplied for the toasts.

You will also discover while planning Maui sailboats weddings that after the boat(s) land the bride and groom lead the guests to an Hawaiian style luau celebration. While guests celebrate the new couple dinner is prepared. Delicious hors d�oeuvres will be served by the crew wearing traditional Hawaiian garb. Beer wine, and Mai Tai�s will also be served while a live local band provides music to get everyone moving.

The food, you will discover while planning Maui sailboats weddings, will be wonderfully delicious and delight the most particular of pallets. It would include Teriyaki Chicken, island fish and steaks all grilled on Kiawe wood, and Hong Kong Stir-fried noodles. There will be veggies and tossed green salads with a secret salad dressing, as well as assorted rolls with butter, fresh Hawaiian pineapple and fruit juices. Deserts will be served with a smile. Dancing and partying continue after dinner until the bride and groom bid aloha to the guests. The guests will continue to enjoy a moonlit cruise back Lahina, Maui while sharing memories of the wonderful celebration that was just enjoyed. While it may have been fun planning Maui sailboats weddings, just think of the fun you would have if it were real.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lightning Class Sailboats

What exactly are lightning class sailboats? They are a three person sailboat with a mainsail, a foresail, and a spinnaker. These sailboats are used in racing, however before anyone considers racing they must get at least a basic understanding of sailing. The lightning is a terrific racing boat.

The stability of the lightning class sailboats is excellent and skippers have been known to go for years without capsizing in these boats. When sailing in a lightning you will get some water spray. It will hold up to 6-8 adults for a relaxing sail and picnic lunch.

Sailors of the lightning class sailboats are not required to take down the mast and rigging every time. It is an easy boat to sail and has more than five controls for adjusting the sails. This would, I think, make the lightning easy to sail. It is rigged and operated in much the same way as larger boats and is known to be use in crew training.

if you are considering the purchase of a new lightning class sailboat, you can expect to pay approximately sixteen thousand dollars. If you are looking for a used lightning class sailboat be sure it is �dry-sailed� that is that the boat is stored on land and off the ground. It should also be covered. The weight must be about seven hundred pounds with the mast, boom, and fully rigged. It should not be more than a few pounds over seven hundred pounds, the minimum required weight).

There are absolutely no bad characteristics of the lightning class sailboat. It has perfect balance, easy entry and provides a clean run. If an extra passenger or two comes aboard the weight can be handled without dragging the transom. It does not submarine before the wind or broach in a gibe. Your hand is not glued to the tiller. The size and the stability tends to draw people into this class. As we move toward the future The lightning class sailboat will continue to draw men, women, and children, as well as the occasional family cat or dog.

Monday, October 5, 2009

All About Large Catamaran Trailers

You must if you are considering a catamaran that you also look at trailers for your boat. There are trailers of all sizes and shapes and you need to get the proper trailer for your vessel. A trailer that is not appropriate could damage your boat or if it is too small then you need to look at large catamaran trailers.

There are large catamarans trailers made by Trailerex. They are ultra light aluminum trailers that come with a three year limited warranty. They are fifty percent lighter than steel trailers.

One of the large catamaran trailers the TX-416 comes with an optional full length tongue for the Hobie Cat17. The TX-418 trailer has dual padded forward cradles and is designed for the class A catamarans. All aluminum, all bolted, all adjustable. The TX-416 and the TX-418 catamaran trailers have epoxy coating leaf springs. It provides carrying capacity of up to five hundred pound. They are made of aluminum and they are maintenance free. They are strong and lightweight and they require common carrier or motor freight shipment. They are easily assembled using only simple tools.

Standard equipment for these large catamaran trailers have submersible taillights, safety chains, padded forward cradles on the TX-418. There are four six inch rolls on the TX-416, padded rear alignment guides, a winch, forty-eight inch from mast stand and a forty-eight inch front mast stand. A hot dip galvanized axles, high-speed demountable galvanized wheels and tires and adjustable undercarriage, epoxy coated springs. All models can be fit optional adapters for people who want to mount the boat manufacturer�s cradles. They can be shipped with a common carrier such as motor freight. The frames are assembled and wrapped. The frames are put together then they are wrapped. The super structure and lighting are boxed and shipped. Be sure you have the right trailer for your particular