Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pershing Yacht Reviews

Pershing yachts are a line of luxury yachts that are available for purchase and are used in charters. Pershing offers a variety of yachts and the features of these boats are amazing. In many cases these yachts rival some of the most luxurious homes and mansions. The largest in the line is the 115 footer and range in size all the way down to a 37-foot cabin. We will look at three Pershing yachts in this article.

The 115 footer Pershing yachts is the most luxurious of the line. Its design and its proportions guarantees the elegance, comfort, and style of this
yacht. This maxi-yacht provides luxury in design along with very comfortable living spaces. It has white walls in the interior and light-grade pear wood furniture.

Pershing yachts all have similar features but the 115 footer has more of them. There are four cabins each with its own bathrooms. There is a master cabin, a VIP cabin and two guest cabins. There is a day area, a private study, a TV area, a day bathroom and a large galley (also known as a kitchen.)

The Master and VIP cabins of the Pershing Yachts have king sized beds, the two guest cabins can have a variety of arrangements such as a double bed in one and two twin beds in the other. Some cabins can have up to four twin beds in them. If you are having the yacht custom built, you have a wide range of choices. The 115 footer is said to be the best interpretation of the company�s philosophy, which is �Yachting into the future.�

The next model we will look at is the 88 footer Pershing Yacht that is called the unique star of the sea. This yacht has cherry wood paneling and leather upholstered furniture. The dining area is comfortable and the bar is near the dining area. This separates the galley from the salon (living area.) The Master cabin is situated away from the engine room and it has a VIP cabin.

The 37 Footer cabin Pershing Yacht is the most modest in the line but still exudes luxury. While all models have similar features, the 37-foot Cabin has a lot privacy and comfort. The two sleeping areas are completely separate and the ceilings are head height. It has a galley, dinette, living area and two cabins, a Master cabin and a VIP cabin.

Pershing Yachts have a lot to offer; exquisite design, elegant style, and comfort. The set up of living and sleeping areas is unique. The 37 footer is no less elegant than the larger models. Pershing Yachts are a terrific choice if you are looking for luxury, style, and comfort and unique design.

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