Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the Lap of Luxury - Fantasy Custom Yachts

Fantasies can take you anywhere you want to go and in what ever manner you choose to get there. Fantasy Custom Yachts deliver luxury, comfort and even elegance. Some yachts rival any of the largest mansions both in size and design. Fantasy Custom Yachts can be anything you want them to be. You can have surround sound stereo systems, you can even have a helipad on your yacht and you can have deluxe home theatres. Like I said anything goes. If you want it and can afford it, go for it.

Features on Fantasy Custom Yachts are as varied as the people who want to own them. Standard features on these yachts are generously sized galleys=kitchens with all the amenities, dining area, cabins with bathroom suites and day bathrooms. The cabins may have king sized beds and there could be as many as four cabins on these luxury yachts.

Luxury features on Fantasy Custom Yachts include a swimming deck, a washer and dryer, a deluxe entertainment center featuring big screen televisions. Cedar lined closets, private office space, and bars are found on these fantasy yachts. Since they are fantasy boats anything over the standard features would be considered luxury in my opinion. Some of these yachts come with items such as flat screen TV's, built in barbeques, hot tubs, and some even have helipads.

When you are looking for Fantasy Custom Yachts there are several resources that are at your disposal. A search on the internet should help you locate places of businesses that will build your yacht for you.
Visiting boat shows will give you additional resources for builders. A broker will also help you find resources. You can talk to dealers and manufacturers as well. You can also rent Fantasy Custom Yachts and you can find them in classified advertisements. Word of mouth is also a source of information on yachts and where to have yours custom built. Furnishing your yacht is almost as much fun as furning your home. As a matter of fact, Fantasy Custom Yachts have become peoples homes and are called houseboats.

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