Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Started in Sailing

Now that are getting started in sailing know that there are four basic types of boats and of course there are variations of each one but we will only look at them in general terms. Getting started in sailing will be a challenge.

While getting started in sailing you will learn about the small boats. They are also called centerboards and day sail keelboats. They are inexpensive and perfect for people like you who are new to sailing. Their length is less than twenty-five feet. The mast can be trailered and carry centerboards or swing keels (weighted keels that retract into the boat for transport in the trailer. Small boats include many types of dingys (open cockpit), day sails and small day sailing keelboats. The mast can be sailed single-handed or by a single crewmember. Depending on the design performance can range from stable and relaxing to wet and wild.

Another boat you will learn about while getting started in sailing are
Keel boats, some with weighted keels, which is the vertical fin at the bottom of the boat, which is of sufficient weight to counterbalance the force of wind in the sails. Keel boats include a standard �sloop� type of rig, one mast with a triangular sail (jib) and another sail off of the back of the mast called the mainsail. They have a tiller type steering system, a self-bailing cockpit, small outboard motor. Some have small cabins below deck or space for gear and sail storage. Some may have bunks, a head (toilet), water tanks and cooking facilities (a galley or kitchen). Keelboats can also be yachts and some are much larger boats.

Windsurfers are fiberglass boards very similar to surf boards and you will learn about them while getting started sailing. They come in sizes and widths that help design the level of skill needed to ride them.
Wind surfing boards for beginners are wider and longer than boards for advanced riders. Each board has a sail attached to a rotating mast that is attached to the board.

While getting started in sailing you will also learn about multi-hulls.
Multi-hulls are also referred to as catamarans or cats and come in many sizes. There are also trimarans, which are three hulls - two hulls can fold against the main hull to allow it to fit into regular slips and be able to be towed on the highway. Cats can be anywhere from nine feet to over one hundred feet in length. Beach Cats run from about thirteen feet to twenty-one feet. Some people who are not getting started in sailing also call them Hobies.

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