Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun In The Sun Boat Trips - Florida Motor Yacht

In searching for Florida Motor Yacht, I came up with so much information, that for this article we will concentrate on South Western Florida. In addition to private yachts, there area a variety of trips that will allow almost anyone to enjoy a sea adventure. A Florida Motor yacht trip has a lot to offer.

There are cruises you can take on a Florida Motor Yacht. Charters are available for both full day and half day length trips. Miami and South Beach offer four-hour waterfront cruises and Bayside homes cruises. Also offered are a four-hour Key Biscayne Cruise, an eight-hour Introduction to the Keys and an eight-hour Gold Coast Cruise.

Other trips using a Florida Motor Yacht include Fort Lauderdale that offers a four-hour Ocean adventure. Aventura offers a four-hour Miami waterfront and homes cruise as well as a four-hour Fort Lauderdale Cruise. General Floridian offerings are Inter-coastal Dinner Cruises, sunset cruises, and custom charters. There are also term charters.

Using a Florida motor yacht you can make Term Charter trips for anywhere from 1 to 5 days with destinations to the Bahamas and Key West. The Palm Beach Experience offers trips to The Upper Keys, The Middle Keys, The Lower Keys and the Key West Experience.

On the trips through the Florida Key, using a Florida Motor Yacht, imagine seeing alligators and crocodiles up close! The cruises to the Bayside homes and Miami homes will show the most luxurious homes that are on the coast. Imagine a sunset cruise with a special friend or your spouse. You can customize your trip with a custom charter and you can choose which ports you want to visit and some charters will allow you to plan a theme charter.

The bottom line here is that no matter where you take a Florida motor yacht, it will provide you a luxury atmosphere and safe boating trips. Nature in any area is beautiful but in Florida you will see all kinds of wild life such as alligators and crocs, as well as Flamingoes and other sea birds and animals. A trip on a Florida Motor Yacht will give you a luxury ride and you will see sights unique to Florida.

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