Monday, September 7, 2009

Florida Keys Yacht Charter

The keys over recent years have drawn a lot of tourism and visits from cruise ships. They have become very well known as yacht charter destinations. The keys are often call the �jade� of the keys or a �string pearls.� When the more than eight hundred are described there is plenty of energy. This is assuring to get away for a quieter trip, rent a charter yacht is the absolute best way to visit the Florida Keys Yacht Charter.

Key Largo is the first of the keys you will come across to the south as you travel with your Florida Keys Yacht Charter. It is a very busy weekend retreat from the mainland. You will eventually come to the last of the
Keys- Key West.

In the Florida Keys Yacht Charter you will learn that the Florida Keys are sheltered by the only living coral reef in the United States. The keys are well known to most charter companies for the scuba diving, the snorkeling, kayaking, and eco-tours. They are also known for dolphin watching, island hopping, and fishing.

There are a variety of yacht charters available in Florida Keys Yacht Charter one is the motor sailing, the bareboat charter, skippered or crewed yachts, catamarans, power boats, or sailboats. You can choose a luxury yacht and/or a super yacht. The options are many and ready for you to come aboard.

The features of the Florida Keys Yacht Charter are a year round calendar of special events, such as fishing tournaments, international yacht races, fantasy feast, light boat parade and the Florida Keys ten day long Mardi Gras. The advantage of charter yachts with a draft of under four or five feet (1.3 - 1.5), like a catamaran, is you can get to the best areas in the Florida Keys.

You will get to see the many species of wild life with the Florida Keys Yacht Charter from water birds and snakes to crocks and gators, not to mention rodents and such. There is another form of �wild� life in the keys which comes in the form of nightclubs and entertainment onshore. The options are many and ready for you to come aboard the Florida Keys Yacht Charters.

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