Friday, September 4, 2009

Finding American Sailboats

My research on American sailboats has turned up two of the most prominent of manufacturers, AMI - American Marine Industries and Catalina. Details about each company and some brief history will be provided for you so conclusions can be drawn about these two American Sailboats.

The American sailboats by AMI - American Marine Industries was a top manufacturer of quality fiberglass boats. There is not a lot known about AMI as it has been rumored the company went into bankruptcy in 1981. Other reports say that sailboat maker ODAY attained the AMI hull molds but this has never been confirmed.

The unfortunate thing in all this is that anyone who owns American sailboats, an AMI vessel, can only get support from other owners. AMI models designations were changed to vogue metric designations. The American 21 is the same as the American 6.5. Other AMI models include the American 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, and 30.

Catalina is another one of American sailboats. This company was founded in 1970 with the goal of becoming the largest sailboat company in the United States. Another goal is to build good boats that are a good value for their customers. This says Catalina requires planning, efficient manufacturing, and well-made boats. When constructing boats Catalina will take suggestions from owners and boasts of having the largest percentage of repeat customers. Their philosophy means listening to their consumers and doing their best every day.

In my opinion Catalina -American sailboats, is the best choice because it is a company that demands excellence and works hard to include owners in future designs so they can improve their boats. AMI however is said to be bankrupt but that hasn�t even been determined. The only thing that is known AMI hull molds exist somewhere.

American sailboats by Catalina would provide you with a high quality boat that would be a good value as well. You can search the Internet for dealers that sell Catalina sailboats. Since their philosophy is to listen to consumers the chance that your input will be considered is great. Catalina makes excellent American sailboats, check them out.

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