Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Alternative to Florida Sailboats for Sale

You are looking Florida sailboats for sale, as this can prove to be very expensive, there is an alternative. Have you ever considered the option of fractional sailing? There are many opportunities for those looking for an alternative to Florida sailboats for sale.

Do you know what fractional sailing in regards to Florida sailboats for sale is? Do you know what it involves? Let�s briefly discuss the definition of fractional sailing, what some of the benefits might be. Perhaps this analogy will help. Fractional sailing can be likened to condominium time shares. With a time share you are guaranteed a specific amount of time at the condo and there are other times that you can use the condo as long as it�s not in use.

Fractional Sailing which can be more beneficial than seeking for Florida sailboats for sale. A boat is shared by members and each one is absolutely guaranteed but not limited to at least two weekend sails and five week day or night sailing times. Each of the members are also entitled to unlimited, as available, use on a twenty-four hour notice at no extra cost.

As we said Florida sailboats for sale can be expensive so let�s take a look at the possible benefits of Fractional Sailing. There is no depreciation of value as there is if you own the boat alone. If you get tired of your boat or want to upgrade, you don�t have to sell the boat. Repairs are expensive and can wear your interest in sailing, however, with Fractional Sailing you will have maintenance costs. It is often much less cheaper than a sailboat charter. The initial investment is low. You don�t have to worry about insurance costs, marina and slip fees, cleaning and repair costs, and finally no long term investment is required.

As you can see there seems to be a definite advantage to fractional sailing over Florida sailboats for sale. A few other benefits include the fact that you will meet others with the same level of interests as yourself. Trips will be less stressful because everything is taken care of for you. If you are less stressed then it�s likely to be reflected in other areas of your life.


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