Friday, September 11, 2009

Adventures on The Water - Northern California Boating

Northern California boating offers a variety ways to enjoy boating. There are charters, shows, and racing among others. We will take a look at Boat Shows, Charters/ Rentals, and racing options. In order to find about Northern California Boating events you can look in the newspaper visit marinas or you might find them in boating magazines. You might also do an Internet search.

Boat shows can give you ideas about what to do in Northern California Boating. There are boat shows in the Fall. Port of Oakland at Jack London Square will be held from September 10th through September 18th, 2005.
Expo Marketing is at Walnut Creek, California 94598. There are International Sportsmen Expositions. The NCMA- Northern California Marine Association and The SVMA - Sacramento Valley Marine Association also have demonstrations and shows.

Charters and rentals are an important part of Northern California Boating.
There are a variety of types of rentals such as houseboats. Patio boats can take from 4 to 8 people and is rented by the day usually. Run Abouts/ski boats can take up to 8 people depending on the size of the boat and are usually rented for a half-day at the very least. Fishing boats with or without outboard motors and these are also rented by the day.
There are personal watercrafts such as jet skis available.

Northern California Boating has the following charters available. This is by no means an exhaustive list. They are ABC Yacht Charters (northwest), Club Nautique, Forever Resorts, Hooked Up Boat Rentals (3 available models for rent), and the Seven Crown Resorts.

Northern California Boating offers boat races. The APBA - the American Powerboat Association and is the authority of approved powerboat racing in the United States. The California Dragon Boat Racing has the Kaiser, Permamente Francisco International Dragon Boat race. It takes place on August 27 and 28th @ Treasure Island, San Francisco.

Northern California Boating offers a wide variety of options and ways to enjoy boating. Tours, races, shows, and charters/rentals are some of the major ways you can enjoy the water and boating. Decide which option is attractive to you and fits your budget. The possibilities are many with Northern California Boating. Happy Sailing!

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