Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Key West Florida Sailing Trips

Catamaran Sunset Sails will show you spectacular sunsets over the southern most part of the United States. Sail Key West�s historic harbor view Mallory Square sunset Celebration from the comfort of a beautiful and spacious catamaran. Champagne, soda, beer, and wine are all free.
Rock Bottom cruises is the ultimate dance party aboard a Key West premier catamaran, the Sebago Marquesa. Two-hour moonlight cruises have become very popular over the past three years. No two trips are alike. Whether you want to dance the night away or relax on deck Rock-bottom boat has something for you. You generally board about 9:30 p.m. and then disembark around Midnight and the fun can continue at local clubs.

Three vessels are available for Key West Florida sailing trips. The first one is the Appledore This vessel is available for day and sunset sails and historic schooner sunset sails. You should check to see what options may suit your needs.

Key West Florida Sailing trips also has the Western Union available. Afternoon sails are available. You can choose to learn the history and lore of the last wooden sailing vessel built in Key West. You will be offered the chance to assist the crew on a trip, which is something you will always remember.

Also available on Key West Florid Sailing Trips is the Schooner America. On this vessel you can enjoy a romantic sunset, exciting day cruises, and you can help raise sails and steer the ship if you would like. Learn the legend of the Schooner America. The crew and captain will attend to your every need.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours are also available on Key West Florida Sailing Trips.
A trip on a glass bottom boat will allow you to see colorful coral, exotic tropical fish and many hundreds of varieties of marine life. This can be an exciting educational adventure. You can go on a waterside tour of historic Key West seaport at the reef viewing room and enjoy a panoramic view and narrated tour of the marine environment. There are three daily trips, including a sunset cruise and the chance to see the reef and the keys world famous sunset.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The History of the Sailboat - The Earliest Sailing Ships

The history of the sailboat indicates that sailing vessels harnessed the power of the wind by utilizing sheets of cloth or fiber that were attached to a long pole of wood or metal called a mast. The sail dominated the world of boats until about the nineteenth century. Sailing vessels have been around for centuries and indicators of this came about from Ancient Egypt. There is evidence of sailing vessels on an ancient Egyptian vase from about 3500 BC. Early Egyptian vessels were made of wooden framework carved of papyrus reeds or wood held together with rope. Wood had to be exported for centuries from countries like or they lashed together small blocks of wood together and secured them with pegs. When placed in the water the wood swelled and created a water tight seal.

Smaller vessels harnessed the power of the wind with two sails as is discovered in the history of the sailboat. Large Egyptian sail boats captured the wind with a single square and were steered with two steering oars that were mounted on the stern.

Egyptians sometimes buried pharaohs with ships to transport them to the after life so it is told in the history of the sailboat. One such vessel was discovered in nineteen fifty-four. During excavation of the great pyramid of Giza. It was the ship of pharaoh khufu who is also known as Cheops around 2600 BC. It�s construction was wooden planks and timbers. It measured 38m or one hundred twenty-five feet long. Historians were able to learn a lot from this vessel about Egyptian shipbuilding techniques and it came to be know as the Cheop�s ship.

The history of the sailboat tells us that Phoenicians were very able shipbuilders of ancient times. Merchant vessels were constructed to be capable of carrying large cargoes between the colonies that rimmed the Mediterranean Sea such as Carthage in North Africa and Cadiz in Spain. Phoenician merchants built huts from sturdy wooden planks and partially covered them with a platform or deck that protected the crew from inclement weather and Ocean Spray. The merchant ships were designed which allowed them to sail beyond the Mediterranean sea to places such as The British Isles and the Canary Islands. This is of course just a bit of the history of the sailboat.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Health Benefits of Sailing

The health benefits of sailing vary. There are several components to fitness. They include aerobic fitness, cardio-vascular fitness, anaerobic capacity, and muscular strength. Muscle endurance, flexibility and agility are also part of the concerns regarding the health benefits of sailing.

The health benefits of sailing affects aerobic capacity, the oxygen uptake during board sailing is greater than when you play tennis or baseball. The more physical the classes will show the greater development of your cardio-respiratory fitness. Aerobic Fitness is associated with a reduced risk of obesity, hypertension, and ischemic heart disease. Anaerobic capacity on the other hand is affected by movements such as tacking and gibing, which increase anaerobic capacity.

Muscle strength is part of the health benefits of sailing. Muscle strength is integral to fitness. Muscle strength increase the body�s metabolic rate by helping your body burn more calories. Resistance training is important in the management of weight.

The health benefits of sailing helps to build up muscle endurance. Muscle endurance is very important during repetitive movements. This can be accomplished by moderate resistance training and a moderate amount of repetitions. Muscle endurance refers to how much exercise and movement your muscles can take.

Flexibility and agility are also part of the health benefits of sailing. How your body moves and how fast you can move comprise flexibility and agility. In order to accomplish this many of the tasks required in sailing you must be flexible and agile especially when tacking and gibing.

The health benefits of sailing as was said vary. It is always good to get a check up before you start any new physical activity to be sure that it is safe for you to do so. Sailing offers you fresh air and relaxation as well as basic overall fitness. Sailing will benefit your heart, your breathing, your muscle strength and endurance. Sailing, in my opinion, would be beneficial both physically and mentally and nothing could be better than that. The health benefits of sailing as said will provide you with overall fitness and well-being, not mention a lot of fun.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Magic of Greek Sailing Weather

Believe it or not the Greek isles make up only twenty percent of Greece. The coastline is fifteen thousand kilometers. The climate of Greece is Mediterranean in character. Greece boasts of a mild and winters with hot and dry summers. Greek sailing weather makes Greece and ideal charter destination.

Greek sailing weather allows for a long charter season beginning in March. Air temps rise above the sea water temperatures. This stabilizes the weather. Mid-may the Azores high gradually becomes more dominant and the Euro-Asian high loses its influence resulting in stable weather.
July and August there is a peak in high temperatures and sun hours. The height of the season for Chartering. September through November. Azores high becomes less dominant and frontal systems followed by cool air raises and starts moving East from the North. The resulting contact with the relative with the warmer sea water. This will then cause unstable weather including showers.

There is a local climatic event that affects Greek sailing weather called the Meltemi. It is a dry katabatic wind that will on occasion blow from the North between May and September. Temperatures will increase from west to east while precipitation increases East to West. You can get specific weather information such as sun hours, maps, water temperature, humidity, wind directions and speed. You can also find information online.

Close your eyes and think about Greek sailing weather. It has been said that Greece has a great number of sunny days up to three hundred sixty through the year. The weather is relatively stable and it will make your trip absolutely wonderful and calming. The fresh sea air will enliven your spirit and calm you as the inherent beauty that affects Greek sailing weather surrounds you. You can take a charter through just the Greek isles or include inland tours. This paradise awaits you, come and visit the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Walk where Aristotle and Plato walked.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Started in Sailing

Now that are getting started in sailing know that there are four basic types of boats and of course there are variations of each one but we will only look at them in general terms. Getting started in sailing will be a challenge.

While getting started in sailing you will learn about the small boats. They are also called centerboards and day sail keelboats. They are inexpensive and perfect for people like you who are new to sailing. Their length is less than twenty-five feet. The mast can be trailered and carry centerboards or swing keels (weighted keels that retract into the boat for transport in the trailer. Small boats include many types of dingys (open cockpit), day sails and small day sailing keelboats. The mast can be sailed single-handed or by a single crewmember. Depending on the design performance can range from stable and relaxing to wet and wild.

Another boat you will learn about while getting started in sailing are
Keel boats, some with weighted keels, which is the vertical fin at the bottom of the boat, which is of sufficient weight to counterbalance the force of wind in the sails. Keel boats include a standard �sloop� type of rig, one mast with a triangular sail (jib) and another sail off of the back of the mast called the mainsail. They have a tiller type steering system, a self-bailing cockpit, small outboard motor. Some have small cabins below deck or space for gear and sail storage. Some may have bunks, a head (toilet), water tanks and cooking facilities (a galley or kitchen). Keelboats can also be yachts and some are much larger boats.

Windsurfers are fiberglass boards very similar to surf boards and you will learn about them while getting started sailing. They come in sizes and widths that help design the level of skill needed to ride them.
Wind surfing boards for beginners are wider and longer than boards for advanced riders. Each board has a sail attached to a rotating mast that is attached to the board.

While getting started in sailing you will also learn about multi-hulls.
Multi-hulls are also referred to as catamarans or cats and come in many sizes. There are also trimarans, which are three hulls - two hulls can fold against the main hull to allow it to fit into regular slips and be able to be towed on the highway. Cats can be anywhere from nine feet to over one hundred feet in length. Beach Cats run from about thirteen feet to twenty-one feet. Some people who are not getting started in sailing also call them Hobies.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Alternative to Florida Sailboats for Sale

You are looking Florida sailboats for sale, as this can prove to be very expensive, there is an alternative. Have you ever considered the option of fractional sailing? There are many opportunities for those looking for an alternative to Florida sailboats for sale.

Do you know what fractional sailing in regards to Florida sailboats for sale is? Do you know what it involves? Let�s briefly discuss the definition of fractional sailing, what some of the benefits might be. Perhaps this analogy will help. Fractional sailing can be likened to condominium time shares. With a time share you are guaranteed a specific amount of time at the condo and there are other times that you can use the condo as long as it�s not in use.

Fractional Sailing which can be more beneficial than seeking for Florida sailboats for sale. A boat is shared by members and each one is absolutely guaranteed but not limited to at least two weekend sails and five week day or night sailing times. Each of the members are also entitled to unlimited, as available, use on a twenty-four hour notice at no extra cost.

As we said Florida sailboats for sale can be expensive so let�s take a look at the possible benefits of Fractional Sailing. There is no depreciation of value as there is if you own the boat alone. If you get tired of your boat or want to upgrade, you don�t have to sell the boat. Repairs are expensive and can wear your interest in sailing, however, with Fractional Sailing you will have maintenance costs. It is often much less cheaper than a sailboat charter. The initial investment is low. You don�t have to worry about insurance costs, marina and slip fees, cleaning and repair costs, and finally no long term investment is required.

As you can see there seems to be a definite advantage to fractional sailing over Florida sailboats for sale. A few other benefits include the fact that you will meet others with the same level of interests as yourself. Trips will be less stressful because everything is taken care of for you. If you are less stressed then it�s likely to be reflected in other areas of your life.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun In The Sun Boat Trips - Florida Motor Yacht

In searching for Florida Motor Yacht, I came up with so much information, that for this article we will concentrate on South Western Florida. In addition to private yachts, there area a variety of trips that will allow almost anyone to enjoy a sea adventure. A Florida Motor yacht trip has a lot to offer.

There are cruises you can take on a Florida Motor Yacht. Charters are available for both full day and half day length trips. Miami and South Beach offer four-hour waterfront cruises and Bayside homes cruises. Also offered are a four-hour Key Biscayne Cruise, an eight-hour Introduction to the Keys and an eight-hour Gold Coast Cruise.

Other trips using a Florida Motor Yacht include Fort Lauderdale that offers a four-hour Ocean adventure. Aventura offers a four-hour Miami waterfront and homes cruise as well as a four-hour Fort Lauderdale Cruise. General Floridian offerings are Inter-coastal Dinner Cruises, sunset cruises, and custom charters. There are also term charters.

Using a Florida motor yacht you can make Term Charter trips for anywhere from 1 to 5 days with destinations to the Bahamas and Key West. The Palm Beach Experience offers trips to The Upper Keys, The Middle Keys, The Lower Keys and the Key West Experience.

On the trips through the Florida Key, using a Florida Motor Yacht, imagine seeing alligators and crocodiles up close! The cruises to the Bayside homes and Miami homes will show the most luxurious homes that are on the coast. Imagine a sunset cruise with a special friend or your spouse. You can customize your trip with a custom charter and you can choose which ports you want to visit and some charters will allow you to plan a theme charter.

The bottom line here is that no matter where you take a Florida motor yacht, it will provide you a luxury atmosphere and safe boating trips. Nature in any area is beautiful but in Florida you will see all kinds of wild life such as alligators and crocs, as well as Flamingoes and other sea birds and animals. A trip on a Florida Motor Yacht will give you a luxury ride and you will see sights unique to Florida.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Miami Dinner Yacht - The Renaissance

The Miami dinner yacht - The Renaissance can handle one hundred to three hundred fifty guests. There is seated buffet and dining for over sixty guests with over two thousand square feet of main dining area. There is cocktail and buffet service with multiple stations for over three hundred fifty guests. This Miami dinner yacht will without a doubt be a terrific setting for your special event.

A three hundred sixty-degree panoramic view is available on all decks of the Miami dinner yacht - the Renaissance with full air conditioning. There is a full service buffet on all decks. A customized bar and beverage service is available on all decks also with three different locations. There is a lounge deck with cocktail seating and elegant furniture settings.

The upper outer deck of the Miami dinner yacht - the Renaissance, offers a full walk around deck, a dance floor with a disc jockey station and club lighting. Stat of the art stereo sound system with audio and visual is also available.

The crew and the staff are eminently qualified and include a professional event planner also called a cruisologist. There are an executive chef, onboard hosts/hostesses who perform butler style service, as well as upper and lower deck waits staff. The Captain and the crew are USCG licensed and certified. A professional mixologist (bartender) are onboard and a disc jockey and an emcee on the upper deck. An exquisite menu is available as are a wide variety of hors d�oeuvres. There are cocktail and hors d�oeuvres cruises available. Also there are dinner cruises as well. There is fancy china settings, a customizable menu to fit your needs and likes. Your staff and crew will attend to your needs. An event held aboard the Miami dinner yacht - the Renaissance will not be forgotten.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Minnesota Sailing - The St. Croix River Sailing Club

A great place to go when considering Minnesota Sailing is The St. Croix River Sailing Club. The intent of the club when it started was to encourage people to try sailing activities and they provide all types of sailing events.
Minnesota sailing includes racing, cruising, education, and other social events.

Minnesota sailboat supports sailboat racing. There are races available to sailors of all levels of skills. There are weekend and midweek racing series, fan races, special regattas, like the Spring Invitational. The Breaking Waves Regatta and the Commodore�s Cup (overnight races from Houston to Prescott), and the Carlson Classic. There is also the Labor Day Regatta and Autumnal Equinox.

The Labor Day Regatta one race in Minnesota sailing brings sailors from Iowa, Lake of the woods, and Lake Pepin, Lake Waconia, Lake Minnetenka, White Bear Lake, Medicine Lake, and Lake Mille Lacs. The festivities begin on Friday night, then after two days of sailing things end on Sunday with the distribution of awards and a cocktail party. In the past few years Saturdays racing is often followed by a dinner and live music.

The cruises that are part of Minnesota Sailing include overnight cruises to such places as lake Afton State Park, Prescott, Stillwater, Bay port, and Lake Pepin. Star-rafts are often formed to encourage better socialization. There is a swimming area in the middle and people move from boat to boat sharing hors d�oeuvres. beverages and tall tales. Meals and social functions in conjunction with the cruises have included barbeques, shrimp boils, pig roasts, and luaus. Breakfasts consisting of pancakes, eggs benedict and omelets. Activities include volley ball, softball dinghy races, radio control boat races and treasure hunts.

As you can then see Minnesota Sailing with the St. Croix River Club in particular will offer you a fantastic time no matter what time of year you visit. They have activities even out of season to keep the interest in sailing alive and well. You will have a hard time choosing from the many things to do. Minnesota sailing adapts to the unskilled as well as to those with advanced skills.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Adventures on The Water - Northern California Boating

Northern California boating offers a variety ways to enjoy boating. There are charters, shows, and racing among others. We will take a look at Boat Shows, Charters/ Rentals, and racing options. In order to find about Northern California Boating events you can look in the newspaper visit marinas or you might find them in boating magazines. You might also do an Internet search.

Boat shows can give you ideas about what to do in Northern California Boating. There are boat shows in the Fall. Port of Oakland at Jack London Square will be held from September 10th through September 18th, 2005.
Expo Marketing is at Walnut Creek, California 94598. There are International Sportsmen Expositions. The NCMA- Northern California Marine Association and The SVMA - Sacramento Valley Marine Association also have demonstrations and shows.

Charters and rentals are an important part of Northern California Boating.
There are a variety of types of rentals such as houseboats. Patio boats can take from 4 to 8 people and is rented by the day usually. Run Abouts/ski boats can take up to 8 people depending on the size of the boat and are usually rented for a half-day at the very least. Fishing boats with or without outboard motors and these are also rented by the day.
There are personal watercrafts such as jet skis available.

Northern California Boating has the following charters available. This is by no means an exhaustive list. They are ABC Yacht Charters (northwest), Club Nautique, Forever Resorts, Hooked Up Boat Rentals (3 available models for rent), and the Seven Crown Resorts.

Northern California Boating offers boat races. The APBA - the American Powerboat Association and is the authority of approved powerboat racing in the United States. The California Dragon Boat Racing has the Kaiser, Permamente Francisco International Dragon Boat race. It takes place on August 27 and 28th @ Treasure Island, San Francisco.

Northern California Boating offers a wide variety of options and ways to enjoy boating. Tours, races, shows, and charters/rentals are some of the major ways you can enjoy the water and boating. Decide which option is attractive to you and fits your budget. The possibilities are many with Northern California Boating. Happy Sailing!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pershing Yacht Reviews

Pershing yachts are a line of luxury yachts that are available for purchase and are used in charters. Pershing offers a variety of yachts and the features of these boats are amazing. In many cases these yachts rival some of the most luxurious homes and mansions. The largest in the line is the 115 footer and range in size all the way down to a 37-foot cabin. We will look at three Pershing yachts in this article.

The 115 footer Pershing yachts is the most luxurious of the line. Its design and its proportions guarantees the elegance, comfort, and style of this
yacht. This maxi-yacht provides luxury in design along with very comfortable living spaces. It has white walls in the interior and light-grade pear wood furniture.

Pershing yachts all have similar features but the 115 footer has more of them. There are four cabins each with its own bathrooms. There is a master cabin, a VIP cabin and two guest cabins. There is a day area, a private study, a TV area, a day bathroom and a large galley (also known as a kitchen.)

The Master and VIP cabins of the Pershing Yachts have king sized beds, the two guest cabins can have a variety of arrangements such as a double bed in one and two twin beds in the other. Some cabins can have up to four twin beds in them. If you are having the yacht custom built, you have a wide range of choices. The 115 footer is said to be the best interpretation of the company�s philosophy, which is �Yachting into the future.�

The next model we will look at is the 88 footer Pershing Yacht that is called the unique star of the sea. This yacht has cherry wood paneling and leather upholstered furniture. The dining area is comfortable and the bar is near the dining area. This separates the galley from the salon (living area.) The Master cabin is situated away from the engine room and it has a VIP cabin.

The 37 Footer cabin Pershing Yacht is the most modest in the line but still exudes luxury. While all models have similar features, the 37-foot Cabin has a lot privacy and comfort. The two sleeping areas are completely separate and the ceilings are head height. It has a galley, dinette, living area and two cabins, a Master cabin and a VIP cabin.

Pershing Yachts have a lot to offer; exquisite design, elegant style, and comfort. The set up of living and sleeping areas is unique. The 37 footer is no less elegant than the larger models. Pershing Yachts are a terrific choice if you are looking for luxury, style, and comfort and unique design.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Florida Keys Yacht Charter

The keys over recent years have drawn a lot of tourism and visits from cruise ships. They have become very well known as yacht charter destinations. The keys are often call the �jade� of the keys or a �string pearls.� When the more than eight hundred are described there is plenty of energy. This is assuring to get away for a quieter trip, rent a charter yacht is the absolute best way to visit the Florida Keys Yacht Charter.

Key Largo is the first of the keys you will come across to the south as you travel with your Florida Keys Yacht Charter. It is a very busy weekend retreat from the mainland. You will eventually come to the last of the
Keys- Key West.

In the Florida Keys Yacht Charter you will learn that the Florida Keys are sheltered by the only living coral reef in the United States. The keys are well known to most charter companies for the scuba diving, the snorkeling, kayaking, and eco-tours. They are also known for dolphin watching, island hopping, and fishing.

There are a variety of yacht charters available in Florida Keys Yacht Charter one is the motor sailing, the bareboat charter, skippered or crewed yachts, catamarans, power boats, or sailboats. You can choose a luxury yacht and/or a super yacht. The options are many and ready for you to come aboard.

The features of the Florida Keys Yacht Charter are a year round calendar of special events, such as fishing tournaments, international yacht races, fantasy feast, light boat parade and the Florida Keys ten day long Mardi Gras. The advantage of charter yachts with a draft of under four or five feet (1.3 - 1.5), like a catamaran, is you can get to the best areas in the Florida Keys.

You will get to see the many species of wild life with the Florida Keys Yacht Charter from water birds and snakes to crocks and gators, not to mention rodents and such. There is another form of �wild� life in the keys which comes in the form of nightclubs and entertainment onshore. The options are many and ready for you to come aboard the Florida Keys Yacht Charters.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Finding The Right Catamaran For You

Finding the right catamaran is a process. Understanding the builder�s intent is important. Was the cat you are interested in built for inshore or offshore sailing? With technology more affordable and people wanting more privacy newer cat designs have separated the living spaces from the sleeping spaces. Cats have a panoramic view with extraordinary deck space.

When finding the right catamaran for you there are four things you need to know to understand the builder�s intent. The first is stability, which is the beam to length ratio and static stability. The second is pitching which is the comfort factor. The third is the bridge deck clearance and the fourth is the load carrying capacity. Let�s take each one separately and look at them in a little bit more detail.

Stability is important to consider as you are finding the right catamaran because lack of stability could create an uncomfortable ride. Catamarans depend on the beam and hull buoyancy for stability. The bigger the width the more stability the more stable it is. At some point excessive beam gets unmanageable. A balance must be found. To get a good balance the beam should equal to approximately half of the length. On a forty-foot boat the beam should be about twenty feet. Static stability is the measure of the boat�s stability factor, which was developed by sign builders how big a wind will blow our signs over. This was applied to cats as well. How much of a big wind will affect the cat. An offshore cat might have stability in the 25-knot range. A good measure of stability would be in the fifty to sixty knots ranged.

Pitching is a concern for you when you are finding the right catamaran. It is caused by too much in the ends of the boat. Picture this: two kids are sitting on a seesaw each near the center of the board. If they could get the board going you could easily touch it with two fingers and stop it. Now the same to kids are sitting on the same see-saw but this time more to the ends of the board. Now it is very easy to get the seesaw moving and if you tried to stop it you could break your hand in the process.

Now that you are trying to find the right cat the bridge deck clearance is important. It is the measure of the height from the water to the underside of the nacelle. The higher the clearance with nothing interrupting water flow provides greater stability.

Finding the right catamaran can be a daunting task but now consider the cats load carrying capacity. This will include all the extra thousands of pounds of water, gear, and supplies not to mention any amenities. Consider that if you want to resell the boat the owner may want certain things. Enjoy your new catamaran.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Finding American Sailboats

My research on American sailboats has turned up two of the most prominent of manufacturers, AMI - American Marine Industries and Catalina. Details about each company and some brief history will be provided for you so conclusions can be drawn about these two American Sailboats.

The American sailboats by AMI - American Marine Industries was a top manufacturer of quality fiberglass boats. There is not a lot known about AMI as it has been rumored the company went into bankruptcy in 1981. Other reports say that sailboat maker ODAY attained the AMI hull molds but this has never been confirmed.

The unfortunate thing in all this is that anyone who owns American sailboats, an AMI vessel, can only get support from other owners. AMI models designations were changed to vogue metric designations. The American 21 is the same as the American 6.5. Other AMI models include the American 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, and 30.

Catalina is another one of American sailboats. This company was founded in 1970 with the goal of becoming the largest sailboat company in the United States. Another goal is to build good boats that are a good value for their customers. This says Catalina requires planning, efficient manufacturing, and well-made boats. When constructing boats Catalina will take suggestions from owners and boasts of having the largest percentage of repeat customers. Their philosophy means listening to their consumers and doing their best every day.

In my opinion Catalina -American sailboats, is the best choice because it is a company that demands excellence and works hard to include owners in future designs so they can improve their boats. AMI however is said to be bankrupt but that hasn�t even been determined. The only thing that is known AMI hull molds exist somewhere.

American sailboats by Catalina would provide you with a high quality boat that would be a good value as well. You can search the Internet for dealers that sell Catalina sailboats. Since their philosophy is to listen to consumers the chance that your input will be considered is great. Catalina makes excellent American sailboats, check them out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the Lap of Luxury - Fantasy Custom Yachts

Fantasies can take you anywhere you want to go and in what ever manner you choose to get there. Fantasy Custom Yachts deliver luxury, comfort and even elegance. Some yachts rival any of the largest mansions both in size and design. Fantasy Custom Yachts can be anything you want them to be. You can have surround sound stereo systems, you can even have a helipad on your yacht and you can have deluxe home theatres. Like I said anything goes. If you want it and can afford it, go for it.

Features on Fantasy Custom Yachts are as varied as the people who want to own them. Standard features on these yachts are generously sized galleys=kitchens with all the amenities, dining area, cabins with bathroom suites and day bathrooms. The cabins may have king sized beds and there could be as many as four cabins on these luxury yachts.

Luxury features on Fantasy Custom Yachts include a swimming deck, a washer and dryer, a deluxe entertainment center featuring big screen televisions. Cedar lined closets, private office space, and bars are found on these fantasy yachts. Since they are fantasy boats anything over the standard features would be considered luxury in my opinion. Some of these yachts come with items such as flat screen TV's, built in barbeques, hot tubs, and some even have helipads.

When you are looking for Fantasy Custom Yachts there are several resources that are at your disposal. A search on the internet should help you locate places of businesses that will build your yacht for you.
Visiting boat shows will give you additional resources for builders. A broker will also help you find resources. You can talk to dealers and manufacturers as well. You can also rent Fantasy Custom Yachts and you can find them in classified advertisements. Word of mouth is also a source of information on yachts and where to have yours custom built. Furnishing your yacht is almost as much fun as furning your home. As a matter of fact, Fantasy Custom Yachts have become peoples homes and are called houseboats.